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What Is The Sealcoating Process In Dallas, Tx

What Is The Sealcoating Process In Dallas, TxSealcoating is a service you can’t ignore. The sealcoating process in Dallas helps you protect your pavement from the elements and maintains a beautiful look for years. It can mitigate the risk of damage and prolong the life of your parking lot or driveway, saving you money in repair or reconstruction costs.

The process can seem daunting if you’ve never invested in sealcoating. But it’s more straightforward than you think, especially when you turn to experienced contractors specializing in Dallas sealcoating. Here’s what you can expect.

What are the First Steps for the Sealcoating Process in Dallas?

Great sealcoating in Dallas begins with proper site prep. The asphalt emulsion sealer your contractor will use needs a clean surface free of dirt and debris to bond effectively.

Before any sealer goes on, teams will thoroughly clean your pavement. They may use heavy-duty equipment to do so, including brushers to eliminate stubborn grime and edge trimmers to clean up vegetation around the edges of your pavement. If there are any cracks, contractors will brush and blow them clean, too.

Does Sealcoating in TX Require Priming?

Paved surfaces often need light priming before asphalt sealcoating. Usually, contractors will focus on areas that have oil stains. Oil and other chemicals that drip from vehicles can interfere with the process. Priming ensures your asphalt sealcoating in Dallas sticks and doesn’t peel.

Will Contractors Address Repair Issues Before Sealcoating in Dallas?

Dallas sealcoating does a lot to transform pavement. However, it’s not a magic fix and won’t correct all repair issues. Therefore, contractors must address damage like cracks to ensure a smooth finish.

Before asphalt sealcoating, teams will seal cracks with special sealing products. Sealer helps to prevent water penetration and creates a more even surface. Once the sealcoating emulsion goes on, those cracks will be nearly invisible!

How Do Contractors Apply Sealcoating?

After preparation, contractors can start the actual asphalt sealcoating. Most professionals use sprayers, brushes and squeegees to do sealcoating in Dallas.

Depending on your property’s unique needs, contractors may apply two light coats of the product. You can work with your contractor to discuss the specifics and choose a sealing product that works for your pavement.

Will My Pavement Be Accessible During the Sealcoating Process in Dallas?

Sealcoating in Dallas TX requires time to cure. Curing timelines vary, but products may need up to 48 hours to cure. In the meantime, your parking lot or driveway will be unusable. Contractors typically block entryways to prevent people from driving onto your pavement.

Sealcoating in Dallas TX can be disruptive to businesses. Don’t be afraid to work with your contractor to create a plan that minimizes disruptions for your property.

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