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What Dallas Property Managers Should Know About Sealcoating

What Dallas Property Managers Should Know About SealcoatingIf you are a professional property manager in Dallas, you have a challenging job. You must deal with stakeholders, tenants, vendors, and employees on a regular basis. You are responsible for staying within budget, protecting the assets of the owners, and complying with a multitude of codes and laws. With so much to do, it is no wonder that many property managers often overlook their asphalt maintenance. Although there are several beneficial maintenance procedures, the most economical and effective one is sealcoating.

What Benefits Can Dallas Property Managers Reap From Sealcoating?

Property managers typically need to take steps to achieve the following goals.

1. They need to attract and retain tenants.
2. They need to optimize the return on any investment in asphalt paving.
3. They need to enhance or retain the property’s curb appeal.
4. They often need to create budgets that span multiple years.
5. They need to stay within their budgets without the need for frequent reallocations.

A reputable Dallas sealcoating professional can help you meet all of the above goals.

How Does Sealcoating Help Property Managers Achieve Their Primary Goals?

Asphalt sealcoating is a dual-purpose treatment that offers both cosmetic and protective benefits. As a cosmetic treatment, parking lot sealcoating restores the pavement’s original rich color, and it makes the pavement appear smoother. As a protective treatment, it helps shield the pavement from UV rays, automotive fluids, and water penetration. By enhancing your curb appeal, your property will be more attractive to potential tenants as well as current ones. By helping to prevent damage, parking lot sealcoating helps generate a better return on the owner’s investment, and it can make it easier to stay within budget. Since an experienced sealcoating contractor can tell you how often you will need a reapplication, you can budget accordingly.

How Do Dallas Sealcoating Companies Apply Sealcoats?

Normally, a sealcoating company receives concentrated sealcoats in bulk. The sealcoating contractor then reconstitutes the sealant by adding a precise amount of water and sand. Using a squeegee, sprayer, or both, the contractor applies the liquid sealant in thin coats. Most jobs require two thin coats, but some parking lots can require a third coat in high-traffic areas. However, prior to applying the sealant, the contractor will need to repair any significant cracks as well as clean the pavement thoroughly.

How Long Must Dallas Property Managers Close a Parking Lot to Sealcoat It?

Most Dallas sealcoating companies recommend that you not allow vehicles to use your parking lot for at least 24 hours after the contractor finishes. However, it is important to note that it is not always necessary to close the entire lot. An experienced sealcoating contractor will know how to handle the job in stages if there are two or more ways to enter and exit the lot. The contractor will divide the lot into sections, leaving at least one section open at all times. Crew members can close, sealcoat, and open the other sections individually.

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