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Asphalt Repair Services In Dallas, Texas

Asphalt Repair Services In Dallas, TexasIn the Dallas area, asphalt pavements can be exposed to some harsh conditions within days of their completion. The traffic can place stressful loads on the pavement, or vehicles can leak destructive petroleum-based fluids. The weather is seldom helpful. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation begins stealing moisture from the asphalt, winter storms can leave the pavement under a blanket of ice, and torrential rains bring the threat of water infiltration. Therefore, it would be amazing if your pavement reached its full life expectancy without requiring at least one asphalt repair.

What Is an Asphalt Repair?

Asphalt Repair Project In Dallas, TexasLike many paving procedures, the precise definition can vary slightly from one asphalt repair company to another. However, most local asphalt repair professionals define it as a restorative procedure to mend pavement damage that cannot be addressed with a simple crack repair or sealcoating. An asphalt repair contractor will seldom consider resurfacing as a repair; some contractors consider resurfacing as a maintenance procedure, but most contractors consider it a paving procedure. Most Dallas asphalt repair procedures involve the installation of a patch, and some companies emphasize that connection by creating a service category entitled asphalt repair and patching.

What Is an Asphalt Patch?

When performing an asphalt repair in Dallas, contractors typically use one of three patching methods.

  1. A full-depth patch is normally the most expensive asphalt repair and patching method, but it is also the method that provides the best longevity. The full depth of the asphalt paving is cut out to remove an area that is slightly larger than the damage. This exposes the foundation so that contractors can rebuild, repair, or reinforce the foundation. Next, new asphalt courses are installed and compacted so that the patch will be flush with the surrounding pavement. In some cases, the edges of the patch will be sealed to prevent water from entering. Full-depth patches can often last as long or longer as the pavement surrounding them, so they are classified as permanent asphalt repairs.
  2. A partial-depth patch is a type of asphalt repair that is almost identical to a full-depth patch. However, when performing a partial-depth patch, the contractor does not remove all layers of the asphalt pavement. Therefore, the foundation is not exposed, so the contractor cannot address any foundation issues. Like a full-depth patch, the contractor will replace and compact the asphalt courses to bring the patch level with the surrounding pavement. The edges may also be sealed to prevent water infiltration. Partial-depth patches are less expensive than full-depth patches, but they do not offer the same longevity. Thus, partial-depth patches may require replacement every few years, so a full-depth patch may be more cost-effective in the long run.
  3. A skin patch does not require the removal of any asphalt paving. Another name for a skin patch is a surface patch, which is a good indication of the limitations of this Dallas asphalt repair. Skin patches often fall into the category of a repair that is not suitable for crack sealing or crack filling, but the damage is not sufficient to justify a partial- or full-depth patch. Typically, local asphalt repair companies limit the use of skin patches to damage that affects only the top inch or two of the surface. Skin patches are the least expensive method in the category of asphalt repair and patching, but they are also the most temporary type of patch. Depending on various factors, the life expectancy of a skin patch is typically between three and nine months. They must then be replaced, either with another skin patch or a different type of asphalt repair. Still, any method that prevents water infiltration is better than leaving an open break in the pavement.

Which Asphalt Repair Method Is Best for Specific Types of Pavement Damage?

As noted, any repair that keeps water from penetrating beneath the surface of an asphalt pavement is better than no repair. Water penetration can lead to alligator cracking, potholes, pavement subsidence, and other types of damage. One thing that your local asphalt repair professional will want to evaluate before recommending a specific method is the stability of the foundation.

  1. Full-depth patches are the only asphalt repair and patching technique that will allow the contractor to work on the foundation. Certain damage, including alligatored asphalt and deep potholes, can strongly indicate damage to the foundation.
  2. Partial-depth patches are often chosen if the underlying foundation is intact, but the damage extends more than three inches below the surface. Deep cracks, some types of drainage problems, and damage caused by a vehicle accident or fire are some situations in which a partial-depth patch might be the appropriate choice.
  3. Skin patches can sometimes be an appropriate solution to shallow birdbaths that affect small areas of the pavement. They can also be used to repair damage that is more aesthetic than dangerous. For example, a vandal might cause some surface damage, or an accident might leave a shallow gouge in the pavement.

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