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Asphalt Paving Company in PlanoWhen it is time to work, there are more than two dozen major regional offices or corporate headquarters in Plano. When it is time to relax, there is no shortage of options that include indoor swimming pools, approximately 2,000 acres of parks, four performing arts venues, and numerous special events. When companies in Plano need to make sure that their pavements are making the right first impression, they know that they can rely on HI-TEK Paving Services to help.

What Is the History of Plano?

Plano, TexasEuropean settlers began arriving in the area during the 1840s, and they soon constructed a gristmill, a store, and a sawmill. When it was time to open a post office, several names were debated before the current name was proposed and accepted. The Houston and Central Texas Railway was completed in 1872, fueling growth, and Plano was formally incorporated the following year. The population expanded from 155 in 1870 to 556 in 1880, then it grew slowly for almost a century.
Unlike many communities in the area, Plano did not experience explosive growth after World War II. However, thanks primarily to several public works projects as well as the overall growth in the region, by 1970, the population had grown to 17,872, breaking the five-digit barrier for the first time. Just a decade later, more than 72,331 people made their homes in Plano, and in 1990, the population exceeded 128,713. As of 2020, Plano had almost 285,500 residents.

What Can HI-TEK Paving Services Do for Businesses in Plano?

We are always happy to provide our services to local businesses and organizations. We offer all of the following services in Plano.

Cracks threaten the structural integrity of asphalt pavements, so repairing them promptly is of critical importance.

When the problem is something more substantial than a simple crack, an asphalt repair or patch may be needed to restore your pavement to a healthy condition.

Overlays are faster and less expensive than rebuilding a pavement, but the differences in functionality and appearance are negligible.

If you need a golf cart path, parking lot, jogging trail, or other pavement, asphalt can be the ideal paving material.

We can tailor a program that includes sealcoating, parking lot striping, asphalt crack repairs, and other essential maintenance services, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Extend the life of your asphalt pavement, enhance its safety, and improve its appearance by asking us to apply sealcoating as needed.

From ramps to satisfy ADA regulations to dumpster pads, we can install your new concrete to exacting specifications.

Concrete Repair

Uneven or broken pavements can damage vehicles or trip pedestrians. Let us make the concrete repairs you need.

Satisfy legal requirements, enhance your curb appeal, and improve the safety and efficiency of your parking lot with high-quality line striping from HI-TEK.

Contact Hi-Tek Paving Services Today for Asphalt Services in Plano, TX

HI-TEK Paving Services is a well-regarded, experienced, and family-owned business with an exemplary reputation, impeccable references, and the ability to handle jobs of any scope. We offer our services to clients in most towns in the area, including Plano, Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland, Forney, Grand Prairie, Irving, Rockwall, Mesquite, Carrollton, Arlington, and Forney. If you would like for us to prepare a free quote for any of the services shown on the preceding list, submit our request form online, or call our office at 214-908-9641.

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