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Forney, TexasForney is situated in the northwest corner of Kaufman County, and it is approximately 20 miles west of the Dallas city center. Forney is a resilient community, unofficially nicknamed City Without Limits, and it is also the home of HI-TEK Paving Services. We often assist the people of Forney when they need asphalt paving or resurfacing, concrete installation and repair, asphalt sealcoating, parking lot striping, asphalt repair, parking lot maintenance, or asphalt crack repair.

What Is Forney’s History?

Asphalt Paving Company in Forney, TexasEarly settlers founded a community that they called Brooklyn, allegedly because of the springs that connected to form a nearby brook. However, in 1873, their application for a post office was denied because there was already a town named Brooklyn in the state. Shortly after that, the Texas and Pacific Railway chose a route that took their line through the settlement. To simultaneously win approval for a post office and honor a member of the railroad’s board

John Forney, in late December 1873, the citizens chose to rename the community Forney. Forney was formally incorporated in 1884. By 1890, the population had grown to slightly more than 800, but growth remained slow throughout most of the 20th century. Although primarily an agricultural community, manufacturing became part of the economic base during the 1930s. Forney Lake, now known as Lake Ray Hubbard, was a reservoir constructed during the 1960s. The lake fueled some growth, but the expansion of Dallas also played a significant role in Forney’s growth. The population was 2,483 in 1980, growing to 4,070 by 1990. In 2010, over 14,000 people made their homes in Forney, and today, that number has almost doubled.

What Are the Paving Services Provided by HI-TEK in Forney?

We are honored to provide the essential paving services that are the most in-demand in Forney. These include all of the services on the following list.

Asphalt Overlays

Overlays, which are new layers of asphalt installed over existing pavements, can deliver the performance and appearance of new pavements at a fraction of the cost.

Parking Lot Maintenance

An expertly crafted and administered parking lot maintenance program can help your pavement have an attractive, beautiful life, encourage people to patronize your business, and promote safety within your lot.

Asphalt Repair

Whether you need a pothole repaired, an asphalt patch to repair alligator cracking, or a pavement deformity corrected, we can help.

Concrete Installation

We can install new slabs, ADA-compliant ramps, sidewalks, or other types of concrete flatwork that will withstand the test of time.

Asphalt Crack Repair

Cracks are open gateways for a formidable enemy of asphalt paving: water. Water penetration can lead to alligator cracking, pavement subsidence, and other damage that can be rather expensive to correct.

Asphalt Paving

When you need a long-lasting asphalt pavement with a safe, attractive surface, you can count on us for exceptional craftsmanship.

Concrete Repair

Broken, uneven, or misaligned concrete slabs can be hazards for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, and damaged concrete can place your property in violation of local ordinances or federal regulations.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Protect the health of your pavement while simultaneously improving both its appearance and its safety through regular applications of a high-quality sealant.

Parking Lot Striping

Visible, neat markings and line striping help maintain an orderly environment, satisfy regulatory requirements, and improve your property’s curb appeal.

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If we can help you with any of the above services, let us know. We are a respected, family operation with an enviable reputation for extraordinary craftsmanship, integrity, and customer service. In addition to Forney, we provide our services to a number of other towns in the metroplex, including Garland, Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Rockwall, Grand Prairie, Plano, and Mesquite. For a free quote, just complete our online request form. If you prefer, you can call us instead at 214-908-9641.

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