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Asphalt Paving Company in Grand Prairie, TexasFrom horse races to swap meets, Grand Prairie offers something for everyone. Situated between Dallas and Fort Worth, Grand Prairie lies primarily within Dallas and Tarrant counties, but a small portion of the city extends into Ellis County. In 2019, the population of Grand Prairie was estimated at almost 195,000. At HI-TEK Paving Services, we are proud to offer asphalt crack repairs, parking lot striping, concrete repairs and installation, asphalt sealcoating, asphalt overlays, parking lot maintenance, and asphalt paving and repair to Grand Prairie businesses.

What Is Grand Prairie’s History?

Main Street in Grand Prairie, TexasThe history of Grand Prairie is slightly convoluted rather than linear, but there are a number of interesting historical facts. To start with, the city was first established in 1863 as Dechman by Alexander Dechman. Dechman purchased a total of almost 400 acres of land in the area for $200 in Confederate currency, a team of oxen, and a wagon that had allegedly seen better days. Difficulties prevented him from establishing a home on the land, so he temporarily left the area. Following the Civil War, Dechman settled in Bryan, but he filed a 50-acre town plat with Dallas County to establish what would eventually become Grand Prairie.

Dechman traded roughly half of the balance of the land to the railroad in 1876 to ensure that the route would pass through the town that he had named after himself, and this was also the name that the railroad used for the depot. The following year, a post office was opened, but, having been unable to correctly read the writing on the application, the name was misspelled as Deckman. To add to the confusion, railroad maps drawn during the 1850s designated the area as Grand Prairie. In an effort to resolve matters, the U.S. Postal Service simply changed the name of the post office from Deckman to Grand Prairie. Official incorporation did not take place until 1909, however. With the outbreak of World War I, Grand Prairie became heavily involved with the defense industry, particularly in the area of aviation, and this involvement continues today.

What Paving Services Do You Offer in Grand Prairie?

HI-TEK Paving Services is committed to helping Grand Prairians construct, maintain, and repair all types of pavements. Following is a list of popular paving services that can help you obtain an appropriate return on your pavement investments.

Asphalt Paving

For virtually all types of pavements, including parking lots and urban thoroughfares, asphalt paving is an ideal material if you want durability, safety, and economy.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Sealcoating makes asphalt pavements more attractive, but it can also extend their lives dramatically.

Asphalt Crack Repairs

When cracks develop, it is essential to repair them as quickly as possible to prevent them from expanding and inflicting significant structural damage.

Parking Lot Striping

A neat, safe parking lot can help you make a good impression, and it can also help you comply with local and federal laws.

Asphalt Repairs

When your pavement develops alligator cracks, potholes, or certain drainage problems, an asphalt repair may be just what it needs to restore it to health.

Asphalt Overlays

Sometimes, a pavement needs more help than can be provided by repairs, sealcoating, or crack repairs. An overlay may be an extremely cost-effective treatment to rejuvenate your pavement.

Concrete Repairs and Installation

There are times when concrete is the most logical paving choice. Whether you need concrete installed or repaired, we can help.

Parking Lot Maintenance

We can develop a comprehensive maintenance plan for your pavement that will help you ensure the longevity, safety, and aesthetic appeal of your parking lot.

Contact Hi-Tek Paving Services Today for Asphalt Services in Grand Prairie

For superior results at competitive prices, you can count on HI-TEK to deliver any of the above services shown above. We have built an impeccable reputation through our consistency, workmanship, dependability, professionalism, and customer service. We serve most towns in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, including Grand Prairie, Arlington, Plano, Dallas, Garland, Irving, Rockwall, Duncanville, Forney, Dallas, Carrollton, Fort Worth, and Mesquite. If you are interested in receiving a free quote, call HI-TEK Paving Services at 214-908-9641, or you can submit your request online by completing the form appearing on our website.

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