Asphalt Overlays Services in Dallas, Texas

Asphalt Overlays Services in Dallas, TexasAlthough well-constructed asphalt pavements have remarkable durability, there will eventually come a time when they need more help than can be provided by sealcoating, patching, and crack repairs. When that time comes, many property owners think that their only option is to have the existing pavement removed and a new one constructed. Before you commit to a reconstruction, you might want to consider asking the experts at HI-TEK Paving Services whether an asphalt overlay would be a feasible, less expensive, and faster solution.

Can an Asphalt Overlay Be Placed on Any Pavement?

Dallas Asphalt Overlays ServicesTheoretically, an overlay could be installed on any asphalt or concrete pavement, but there are certain factors that make an overlay more likely to be cost-effective and attractive. First of all, the foundation of the pavement should not have widespread damage that left the foundation weak and unstable. Repairing a foundation requires removing the existing pavement, so it may be cheaper to rebuild the pavement if there are numerous large areas of foundation damage. A similar situation can arise if the pavement has significant damage over a wide area.

Alligatored patches, cracks, and potholes must be repaired prior to installing the overlay to prevent the damage pattern from bleeding through and appearing in the overlay. Since pavements are far from identical, there is no universal point at which we recommend rebuilding a pavement instead of overlaying it, we typically find that an overlay is not the most cost-effective option if either the pavement or its foundation has damage that totals more than one-third of the overall area.

What Is an Asphalt Overlay?

Asphalt overlays are layers of fresh asphalt that are placed and compacted on top of existing pavements. Depending on the specific pavement, the thickness of an overlay may be less than two inches or as much as three inches. The overlay will have the same aesthetic appeal as a new asphalt pavement, and it will also offer the same smooth ride.

Do Asphalt Overlays Need Routine Maintenance?

You should care for your overlay the same way that you care for your pavement. You want to keep it free from debris, have sealcoating applied as soon as the asphalt has cured and at regular intervals thereafter, and promptly repair any cracks that might develop. If vehicles leak oil, power steering, or other automotive liquids, remove them at least every six months or so.

How Long Do Asphalt Overlays Last?

An overlay’s longevity depends primarily on the pavement’s usage and maintenance. For example, an overlay on a busy interstate has a maximum average life of around 10 years, but the overlay on a retail store’s parking lot could last 12 or 15 years. Fortunately, if the pavement’s foundation is protected against substantial damage, the same pavement can receive a cost-effective overlay as often as needed.

How Are Asphalt Overlays Installed?

Every job can vary slightly, but here are the basic steps for placing an overlay on top of an existing asphalt pavement.

  1. We repair cracks and other significant damage to the pavement or its foundation.
  2. If necessary, we may fill depressions that will not be rectified by the next step.
  3. We use a milling machine to grind away the existing pavement to a depth equal to the thickness of the overlay. Milling helps keep grates, transitions, curbs, and other features at their original elevation.
  4. We will wash the pavement thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust, or loose gravel.
  5. In most cases, we apply a tack coat to ensure a strong bond between the existing surface and the overlay.
  6. We place and compact a sufficient number of asphalt courses to return the pavement to its original height.

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