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Asphalt Crack Repair Company in Dallas, Texas If your Dallas asphalt contractor did everything right when constructing your new pavement, you may not notice any significant crack for several years. Over time, though, you can expect cracks to develop. There are various reasons that cracks could form, but you should not delay scheduling an asphalt crack repair in Dallas for any crack that is more than about a quarter of an inch in depth or width. At HI-TEK Paving Services, we have witnessed neglected cracks turn into potholes, alligator cracking, and foundation damage in a relatively brief period. Instead of an inexpensive repair, clients often face large repair bills.

Why Do Asphalt Pavements Crack?

Asphalt Crack Repair Company in Dallas, Texas Even well-built pavements can crack if they are subjected to higher volumes or heavier weights than they were designed to bear. Exposure to sunlight, rain, vehicle fluids, ice, and seasonal temperature extremes can lead to the development of cracks. Heavy, stationary loads can sometimes lead to cracks in the pavement. Since aging pavements are more likely to develop cracks, especially if they do not receive regular sealcoating treatments, time can be a formidable enemy. Cracks can also be caused by drainage problems and ground movement.

What Happens When Asphalt Crack Repairs Are Neglected?

Virtually all asphalt cracks will continue to expand in all three dimensions until they are repaired. As they grow, they allow an increasing amount of water to percolate through the pavement, inflicting damage as it goes. Eventually, the water erodes the foundation, robbing it of the stability and strength to support the weight of traffic. The pavement can subside in spots, allowing potholes or alligator cracks to develop. If water remains trapped beneath the surface, freezing weather will result in more extensive damage when the water turns to ice and expands.

To mend a destabilized, weakened foundation, we typically must remove the pavement over the damaged area of the foundation, make repairs, and repave the area. If the pavement has numerous areas in which the foundation has been severely compromised, it may be more cost-efficient to reconstruct the pavement than to repair it.

How Do You Make an Asphalt Crack Repair?

Asphalt crack repairs are  typically classified as either a crack filling or a crack  sealing operation. For most types of cracks, crack sealing is the preferred method; the material is less likely to break its bond with the surrounding pavement or develop cracks of its own. Crack filling is less expensive, but it usually does not last as long, so crack sealing may be more cost-effective in the long run. Whichever method you choose, we normally repair asphalt cracks as follows.

1. We locate the cracks, which may require us to clean the pavement to reveal cracks that are concealed under piles of leaves, dirt, or other debris.

2. We attempt to determine the cause of the cracks, and, if possible, eliminate the source to prevent future cracking.

3. We clean the interior of the crack and the pavement in its immediate vicinity to remove any vegetation, dirt, or gravel.

4. We may use a router to smooth the walls of the crack, make the crack more uniform, or create a reservoir for the repair material.

5. For crack sealing, we insert a rubberized material that will remain flexible even after it cures. This material is able to respond to ground or pavement movements without breaking its bond. We usually place the material over the crack, and we may also place some material inside the crack.

6. For crack filling, we insert a filler inside the crack, extending it a short distance around the crack. Crack filler becomes rigid when it cures, so it is more likely to lose its bond or crack.

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