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Parking Lot Striping Services in Dallas, Texas

Parking Lot Striping Services in Dallas, TexasAn asphalt pavement can be attractive when left as an unbroken, unmarked expanse with a luxurious, deep black color. However, when the asphalt pavement is meant to serve as a parking lot, the blank-canvas look is unacceptable. An unmarked, unstriped parking lot can quickly become a chaotic, unsafe environment that leaves you vulnerable to potential liabilities. Fortunately, professional parking lot striping in Dallas, TX can eliminate all the problems associated with a blank pavement while simultaneously boosting the curb appeal of a property in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

What Are the Elements of Parking Lot Striping and Marking?

Dallas parking lot striping should resolve several challenges, but the most pressing challenge is to maintain order. The primary purpose of pavement markings is to facilitate the orderly navigation of traffic through your parking lot. These markings may be easily recognized symbols, including traffic arrows, crosswalks, and stop bars. They may also be words containing the fewest letters possible, or they may consist of both symbols and words. When lot striping companies outline the individual parking spaces, this is commonly referred to as applying line striping. Certain types of markings and stripes are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and there can also be minor differences in local parking lot striping ordinances. For example, some local ordinances require spaces reserved for law enforcement parking to be identified in a specific manner. Furthermore, a lot striping company should ensure that all pavement markings and stripes have neat, crisp edges and are highly visible.

How Often Are Parking Lot Striping and Pavement Marking Services Needed?

Dallas Parking Lot Striping ServicesTypically, parking lot striping in Dallas, Tarrant, and the other counties in the metroplex lasts between two and three years, However, the life of your line striping and markings can vary. Extremely busy parking lots may need striping every 18 months, while seldom-used parking lots may not need striping for 42 months. If the condition of the paint deteriorates prematurely, you should contact your parking lot striping company as soon as possible.


  1. Signs of premature deterioration include paint that is peeling, blistering, or flaking.
  2. Parking lot striping in Dallas can also be damaged by oil, gas, or grease that vehicles leave behind.
  3. Diminished visibility can also indicate the premature deterioration of the paint. Regardless of the time that has elapsed since your local parking lot striping professional painted your lines and markings, you should repaint if their original visibility falls by more than 25%.

You will also need to repaint your stripes and markings after sealcoating your parking lot. You may also need to have your Dallas parking lot striping retouched if a crack repair or patch obscures a line or marking.

Why Is Parking Lot Striping Important?

An experienced, trustworthy lot striping company can help you reap a number of benefits from your line striping and pavement markings.

  1. Professionally applied Dallas parking lot striping can help you make a favorable impression by enhancing the curb appeal of your property. In turn, your curb appeal can help you attract or retain customers or tenants.
  2. Parking lot striping companies know that the parking angle you choose can have a direct impact on the number of spaces you can provide. Your local lot striping professional can advise you of the advantages and disadvantages of the different angles so that you can make an informed decision.
  3. Knowledgeable parking lot striping contractors can help you ensure that you are in full compliance with your legal requirements. A fully compliant parking lot can help reduce the likelihood that you could be sued or fined.
  4. Parking lot striping Dallas lots can make them safer for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists by providing guidance that will reduce confusion and distractions. In addition to protecting your visitors and employees, the guidance provided by professional striping and marking can help protect your buildings, landscaping, and other features.
  5. Lot striping can help make you less vulnerable to financial losses if someone is injured or damages his or her vehicle on your property. Without the proper markings, victims could claim that you are partially or completely responsible for their financial losses.

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