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What Cost Factors Should Be Considered for Asphalt Sealcoating in Dallas?

What Cost Factors Should Be Considered For Asphalt Sealcoating in Dallas?  It has been said that asphalt sealcoating more than pays for itself in the form of savings on repair costs and a longer life for the pavement. Sealcoating also makes asphalt pavements safer, easier to clean, and more attractive. When you are planning to solicit bids on your sealcoating project, you might think that the only thing a contractor needs to consider is the square footage of your pavement, and this is certainly an important detail. However, to determine an accurate total price for asphalt sealcoating in Dallas, contractors must consider several other factors.

What Are the Factors Contractors Must Consider When Determining the Price for Asphalt Sealcoating in Dallas?

In addition to the total square footage of the pavement, asphalt sealcoating contractors must take into account the following six factors.

1. How complex is the layout of the pavement?
2. What is the condition of the pavement?
3. What type of sealcoating is best for the job?
4. How many coats of sealcoating does the contractor need to apply?
5. Where is the job located?
6. What special conditions are involved?

How Does the Complexity of the Pavement Affect the Cost of Asphalt Sealcoating in Dallas?

It takes less time for sealcoating contractors to complete an application if the pavement is an unbroken expanse. If the design includes landscaping islands, areas that require the sealant to be applied by hand, or numerous obstacles, the job will take longer. Part of the quote you receive from an asphalt sealcoating company involves the cost of labor. The longer a job takes, the higher the labor costs will be.

How Does the Condition of the Pavement Affect the Cost of Dallas Asphalt Sealcoating?

Before sealcoating Dallas TX pavements, contractors must perform a thorough cleaning. If the pavement is caked with mud, covered in tree sap, or is otherwise contaminated, the sealcoating will not adhere properly. In addition, there can be no significant breaks in the pavement, so cracks and other damage will need to be repaired. Therefore, asphalt sealcoating contractors must consider the additional costs for an exceptional cleaning as well as the costs for making repairs to the pavement.

How Does the Type of Sealant Affect the Cost of Sealcoating Dallas TX Pavements?

The asphalt sealcoating companies that manufacture the products that contractors use offer a variety of sealants with different price points. Although these products are similar, some of them are specially formulated for certain situations. For example, there are sealcoating products that offer enhanced aesthetics, while others offer better longevity for pavements with excessive traffic. In addition, although most Dallas asphalt sealcoating professionals use silica sand in their mixes, there are other, more expensive aggregates that can be chosen.

How Does the Number of Coats Affect the Price of Asphalt Sealcoating in Dallas?

Sealcoating must be applied in thin layers to ensure proper curing and timely drying. The industry standard for parking lots is two full coats, and some pavements will need a third coat in the areas with the heaviest traffic. Each coat must dry before sealcoating contractors can apply the next. The number of coats impacts what asphalt sealcoating contractors must charge in terms of both labor and material costs.

Why Do Contractors Consider the Location of the Job When Pricing Dallas Asphalt Sealcoating Projects?

Asphalt sealcoating companies must move their equipment, employees, and supplies from their yard to the job site. Sealcoating contractors refer to this as mobilization expenses, and this cost must be considered when preparing a quote. The greater the distance between the contractor’s yard and the job, the greater the mobilization expenses will be. Furthermore, if the job cannot be completed in a single day, asphalt sealcoating contractors must consider the cost involved with multiple mobilizations.

What Are the Special Conditions That May Affect the Cost of Asphalt Sealcoating in Dallas?

There are a few other factors that contractors must consider when quoting jobs for asphalt sealcoating in Dallas. Although it is impossible to list all potential special conditions, here are the most common.

1. Will additives need to be added to the sealcoating mix? Additives are used for many different purposes. For example, there are additives that can expedite the sealant’s drying time or enhance its color.
2. Does the customer want the contractor to stripe and mark the pavement after sealcoating? Since sealants obscure existing lines and markings, repainting is necessary. Therefore, most Dallas asphalt sealcoating contractors also offer parking lot striping services.
3. Will the asphalt sealcoating company need to perform the work piecemeal? It is not always feasible for clients to close their entire parking lots for sealcoating. Sealcoating contractors are accustomed to sectioning off areas of parking lots, closing and completing each section before moving on to the next. Overall, the job will take longer, and this can increase the cost. There could also be additional mobilizations involved.

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