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How To Prepare for Dallas Sealcoating and Upcoming Rain

How To Prepare for Dallas Sealcoating and Upcoming RainSealcoating is the most cost-effective way to prevent damage to an asphalt pavement, enhance its appearance, and improve its traction. However, whether you are planning your initial application or a subsequent reapplication, it is important to remember that Dallas sealcoating and rain are not a good combination. The effects can depend on whether the rain falls before, during, or after a sealcoating application.

What Is the Effect of Rain That Falls Before a Dallas Sealcoating Application?

Asphalt sealcoating in Dallas can be a tricky operation. Sealcoating needs to form a strong bond with the pavement, and part of this process involves the evaporation of water from the sealant. Thus, when sealcoating Dallas TX pavements, contractors must consider the relative humidity, and this can often spike after a heavy rain. However, it is essential for the pavement to be completely dry before a sealcoating company begins an application. Even a small amount of moisture on the pavement can prevent the sealant from adhering properly.

What Is the Effect of Rain That Falls During a Dallas Sealcoating Application?

If rain begins to fall during an application, a reputable sealcoating company will usually halt the application and delay the job. Sealcoating contractors apply the sealant in its liquid state, so a heavy rain could simply wash it all away. Even a moderate rain could wash away the sealant in areas, especially those that are in the path of runoff.

What Is the Effect of Rain That Falls After a Dallas Sealcoating Application?

Depending on the pavement’s exposure to sunlight, the ambient temperature, and other factors, asphalt sealcoating in Dallas can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to dry. Until the sealcoating is sufficiently dry, a rain could have a detrimental effect on the quality of the job. Depending on how much drying has occurred, rain could wash away all or some of the sealant. If the sealcoating is partially dry, rain could leave evidence behind in the form of drop marks, a much duller sheen, or unsightly blotches. However, once the sealcoating is dry, it cannot be harmed by rain. It is important to remember that sealcoating will dry many hours before it cures. This point is especially vital to remember when sealcoating parking lots. The sealant may be impervious to rain within a couple of hours, but it will not be able to withstand vehicle traffic for 12 to 24 hours.

What Steps Might Sealcoating Contractors Take During the Rainy Season?

Experienced contractors know that asphalt sealcoating in Dallas can be a bit tricky. The weather in the area can turn on a dime, so sealcoating contractors typically do all or most of the following.

1. An experienced Dallas sealcoating company will monitor the weather forecasts for several days leading up to the scheduled job. However, contractors may not make the final decision on proceeding with the application until the morning that the job is supposed to start. When sealcoating contractors cancel at the last minute, it is because they care about delivering high-quality work.
2. When sealcoating parking lots during periods when rain is more common, contractors often divide them into sections that can be worked individually. In the event of rain, the piecemeal approach helps prevent widespread damage to the sealcoating. Potentially, each section has a better chance of drying before rain begins to fall.
3. Experienced sealcoating Dallas TX contractors develop something of a sixth sense about the local weather. Sometimes, they just know that a forecast is either outdated or incorrect.

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