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How To Stay On Time and Within Budget With Your Local Asphalt Paving Company

How To Stay On Time and Within Budget With Your Local Asphalt Paving CompanyEvery aspect of your commercial property has the potential to either help or hurt your business. This includes your paved areas, especially your parking lot. Whether your paving needs involve construction, repairs, or routine maintenance, you naturally want to minimize costs as well as disruptions to your operation. In addition, you expect your asphalt paving company to complete your work on time and within your budget. The best way to achieve your goals is to work with an experienced, trustworthy asphalt contractor who can provide you with professional guidance. Although contractors bear the most responsibility for delivering work on time and within budget, customers can lend assistance or sabotage their efforts. Ensuring the success of any paving project involves planning, being proactive, and budgeting properly.

What Does Planning a Project With an Asphalt Paving Company Involve?

There is a decades-old saying that warns that failing to plan is the same as planning to fail. For best results, you need to work closely with your Dallas asphalt paving company to formulate a feasible plan.

1. Your local asphalt paving company will need your input concerning the days or times when your traffic is at its lowest point. For example, your business might be closed on weekends, or you might serve the fewest customers on Wednesday afternoons. Even if you operate 24 hours a day, there are bound to be peaks and valleys in your traffic patterns.
2. You need to consider your priorities. Do you need your paving company in Dallas to make immediate repairs to your entire pavement, or are there seldom-used areas with minimal damage that can wait? Is it more critical to bring your parking lot into compliance, increase its capacity, or improve its aesthetics?
3. How long can you close an existing pavement for repairs or maintenance without seriously impacting your operation? Every experienced asphalt paving company in Dallas is used to breaking large projects into phases. For example, you might consider having your local asphalt paving company divide your parking into sections that can be completed and reopened before another section is closed. If only half of your pavement is in dire need of resurfacing, you could ask your Dallas asphalt paving company to resurface that half now and the other half later.

What Does Being Proactive Mean When Discussing Asphalt Pavements?

There are two levels of proactivity that relate to asphalt pavements. The first level lies entirely within your control, while the second level involves your Dallas asphalt paving company.

1. Instead of waiting for problems to arise, be proactive about your asphalt maintenance. Conduct regular inspections, document and monitor suspicious issues, and focus on preventing damage. This helps keep your costs in check, but it also makes it easier to budget properly.
2. When selecting a paving company in Dallas, do not be afraid to ask relevant questions. Ask why your local asphalt paving company recommends one product or method over another, for example, and the pros and cons of each. Ask what you need to do to help make your project a success.

Can Asphalt Paving Companies Help Clients Establish a Budget for Their Pavements?

Reliable, experienced asphalt paving companies can provide valuable input when their clients need assistance in creating a budget. For example, they can recommend the correct interval between sealcoating applications, or estimate how much longer your existing pavement will last before it needs to be resurfaced or reconstructed. However, your corporate guidelines, financial situation, and priorities mean that the ultimate responsibility for your budget rests with you.

1. Consider both the long-term and short-term services you will need an asphalt paving company in Dallas to provide. Although your accounting department may have a different definition, most paving companies consider services that will be needed in two years or less as short-term. Long-term services are generally categorized as those that will not be needed for three years or more. Thus, crack repairs, sealcoating, and parking lot striping should be included in your short-term budget. Resurfacing or major renovations are usually included in long-term budgets.
2. If your policies permit, set aside some funds annually to cover expenses that you will incur at a later date. Some companies refer to this as a reserve account. The idea is to record a portion of the cost as a current expense even though no money has been spent yet. Typically, the offset to the expense appears on the balance sheet. When the time comes, the cost can be applied to the reserve account to avoid impacting the company’s profit and loss statement for the year in which the payment is actually made.
3. Work with your asphalt paving company to create a schedule of when you will likely need the various services. Based on a pavement’s current condition, usage, and age, paving companies can recommend whether the client should plan to have cracks repaired annually or every six months, sealcoating applied every two years or every four years, and so on.

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