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Is Ongoing Maintenance From a Dallas Asphalt Paving Company Important?

Is Ongoing Maintenance From a Dallas Asphalt Paving Company Important?Saying that you run a business is often an apt description of the fast pace that you must maintain to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner. Customers, vendors, and employees compete for your attention, stakeholders want reports, and various upgrades and maintenance procedures must be scheduled. In light of your schedule, you may forget about the important contribution your asphalt pavements make to your success. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your pavements do not go without the attention they need is to ask a Dallas asphalt paving company to implement a routine pavement maintenance program.

Why Is Routine Asphalt Paving Maintenance Important?

Dallas asphalt paving is extremely cost-effective and fast to install, but it will eventually need some help from you to reach its full potential life. Sooner or later, even the best asphalt pavement will develop cracks or other breaks. This damage will not heal itself. In fact, it will grow in size and severity. Dallas asphalt paving services for routine maintenance are comparatively inexpensive, but they can save you a hefty sum down the road.

What Are Some Signs That I Need a Dallas Asphalt Paving Company to Implement a Maintenance Program?

Dallas asphalt paving companies construct pavements of many different sizes for many different purposes. Therefore, neglected pavements can display various signs that they need help. However, asphalt paving in Dallas will typically show one or more of the following signs of neglect.

1. When paving companies install asphalt, the pavement will have a dark, rich color. Without proper maintenance, the sun will turn the pavement gray or dingy brown. As the sun is robbing the pavement of its color, it is also stealing its moisture, making it brittle and more vulnerable to damage.
2. Although asphalt paving in Dallas can often develop miniscule surface cracks, any crack that exceeds about a quarter of an inch should be repaired promptly. Cracks will continue to grow in all three dimensions until they are repaired, so it could be more expensive to remedy the problem. However, the major issue with open cracks is that they allow water to enter, drip down throughout the structure, and inflict foundation damage. Foundation damage is often the cause of major potholes, alligatored asphalt, and sinkholes.
3. Pools of water that remain after the surrounding pavement dries can signal the need for maintenance. Whether the water collects in a pothole, a birdbath, or around the pavement’s gutters or drains, you want to correct the issue. Typically, asphalt paving company services include cleaning and repairing gutter systems, patching potholes, and grinding uneven areas to eliminate birdbaths.

What Services Should a Dallas Asphalt Paving Company Include in a Pavement Maintenance Plan?

Before recommending a pavement maintenance plan, Dallas asphalt paving companies consider a variety of factors. Your pavement’s age, its current condition, and your specific requirements are some of the factors they will evaluate. In general, however, most contractors prioritize the following maintenance services for asphalt paving in Dallas.

1. Asphalt Sealcoating: Sealcoating is a dual-purpose treatment that offers both cosmetic and protective benefits for an exceptionally economical price. It blocks the rays from the sun that rob Dallas asphalt paving of its moisture and its color. Sealcoating can even restore most faded pavements to their original color. In addition, sealcoating helps protect against damage from vehicle fluids.
2. Crack Repairs: When cracks in asphalt paving are repaired promptly, the cost is typically quite economical. Allowing cracks to become deeper, wider, and longer will increase the cost of repairs, but neglected cracks can turn into potholes or lead to foundation damage.
3. Pavement Markings: Parking lot striping can help you maintain an orderly environment, enhance your curb appeal, and help you satisfy your legal requirements. However, pavement markings can be equally beneficial for golf cart paths, private roads, walking trails, and bike paths.

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