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Asphalt Paving Tips For Dallas Facility Managers

Asphalt Paving Tips For Dallas Facility Managers As a facility manager, you may sometimes feel as if you are expected to know every detail about every part of your property. However, there are probably a variety of tasks that you do not deal with on a daily basis. In fact, you may only need to turn your attention to them once or twice a year, or you may be able to safely ignore them until a repair becomes necessary. One area in which you may not have extensive experience is your facility’s asphalt paving.

What Does Asphalt Paving Encompass?

Some Dallas facility managers do not realize that the term includes more than just paving Dallas streets and parking lots for the first time. Asphalt paving services also include the installation of a patch or an overlay as well as the demolition and reconstruction of a pavement. However, a Dallas asphalt paving company does not normally include routine crack repairs or surface patches in the category.

What Should Dallas Facility Managers Ask Paving Contractors Before Signing a Contract?

There is certainly no shortage of Dallas paving companies for you to interview. Unfortunately, not all paving contractors are honest, experienced, hard-working individuals. This means that it can take a little effort to find the right contractor for your asphalt paving in Dallas TX.

1. Think about the paving services that you need. For example, are you expanding your existing parking lot, or do you need to repair your heavily trafficked areas?
2. Will your project require your Dallas paving company to meet certain conditions? That is, must your job be handled on a holiday or over a weekend?
3. What funds do you have available to use for your asphalt paving services? You need to know the status of your budget, but do not assume that a Dallas asphalt paving company will take an all or nothing approach. For example, experienced asphalt paving contractors know that it is usually possible to divide projects into phases that can span more than one fiscal year.
4. Once you are ready to start interviewing possible paving Dallas contractors, make a list of the questions you want them to answer. You want to ask each of the Dallas asphalt paving companies you are considering the same basic questions. How long has the company been in business under the same name? What types of business insurance policies does the company have? What are the policy limits? Does the company own or rent its heavy equipment? How experienced are the crew members, especially the equipment operators? Will the contractor provide you with references you can contact?
5. How thick do you plan to make my asphalt paving? What is your plan for my pavement’s aggregate base?
6. What routine maintenance procedures do you recommend? How frequently should each procedure be scheduled?

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