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Is Your Local Asphalt Paving Company Fully Insured?

is your local asphalt paving company fully insured? If you are like many Texans, you probably carry homeowners insurance even after you have paid off your mortgage. You maintain your policy because you want to protect your finances in case your home suffers a catastrophic weather event, someone is injured on your property, or your neighbor manages to send a limb crashing through your roof while he is trying to cut down one of his trees. For similar reasons, your asphalt paving company should be fully insured to protect both their business and their customers.

How Does Being Fully Insured Protect an Asphalt Paving Company?

Generally, asphalt contractors are legally responsible for damages or injuries caused by themselves or their crew members, and all pavement companies know that accidents can occasionally happen on the job site. If you have ever witnessed an asphalt company constructing a new pavement, placing an overlay, or installing a patch, you may have noticed workers moving in carefully choreographed steps. The site is a bevy of activity; asphalt trucks are making deliveries, ground crews are placing and raking hot asphalt, and roller operators are quickly compacting each new course. Employees must do their jobs correctly all day, every day, or the result could be an injury or property damage. If the asphalt company is properly insured, it should be able to weather the event without incurring a substantial financial loss.

How Does Being Fully Insured Protect the Customers of an Asphalt Paving Company?

Legitimate asphalt companies take great pains to make sure that they do not damage properties belonging to their customers. They hire competent employees, provide them with all sorts of training, and ensure that they have the right tools and equipment for the job. Furthermore, the best asphalt paving companies have a culture of safety that encompasses their own employees as well as everyone else around the site. Should a paving company employee be injured, the company’s workers’ comp insurance will see to it that the injured employee receives the care and support to recover from the injury. If the asphalt paving contractor does not carry workers’ comp, however, you could wind up footing the bill. Asphalt contractors should also carry a general liability policy that covers damage to your property or the property of others as well as injuries suffered by people who are not employees of the paving company. Even if your insurance covers you, you could still be out the deductible, and you could end up having to sue the asphalt company if your insurance policy does not cover your loss. Furthermore, if the injury or property damage involves one of your customers, you could potentially lose their business.

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