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Four Critical Actions You Should Take After Asphalt Paving Installation

Four Critical Actions You Should Take After Asphalt Paving InstallationAsphalt is a sensible choice for paving virtually everything from parking lots to high-speed highways. Compared to concrete, asphalt costs less and is faster to install. In addition, asphalt offers superior traction, less road noise, and a pleasing appearance. However, if you want your new pavement to have a long life with minimal repairs, you need to give it the proper care from the beginning. It might be helpful to remember four keywords to remind you of what you should do after an asphalt paving installation. These keywords are patience, protection, personalization, and partnership.

How Does Patience Relate to an Asphalt Paving Installation?

You cannot begin using your new asphalt paving in Dallas TX until enough time has passed to permit sufficient curing. There are several factors that affect the time to wait after an asphalt paving company completes an installation. These factors include the temperature at the time your contractor completed your paving services, the asphalt thickness, and type of mix. Typically, when paving Dallas streets and parking lots, contractors do not recommend allowing vehicle traffic on the new pavement for 48 hours. The waiting time could be as little as 24 hours for residential Dallas paving services, but it could also be 72 hours or longer for heavy-duty commercial paving services. You can usually allow pedestrians to use your new pavement much sooner. Depending on the various factors involved, foot traffic may be permissible within five or six hours. Exercise patience and do not open your pavement to traffic earlier than the time stated by your Dallas asphalt paving company.

How Does Protection Relate to the Longevity of an Asphalt Paving Installation?

Asphalt paving in Dallas TX is under constant stress from traffic, rain, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations. If you do not protect your asphalt paving to the best of your ability, your pavement will have a shorter life. During its abbreviated life, you will also be spending more on repairs. Sealcoating is an exceptionally effective way to protect asphalt pavements from various sources of damage. However, you cannot sealcoating asphalt paving immediately. Instead, you will need to wait until the excess oil in the asphalt has been exhausted. In the meantime, you want to be sure to clean up any fluids that vehicles have leaked onto your new pavement. Remove trash, grass clippings, and fallen leaves. Avoid leaving heavy loads, including vehicles, stationary on your pavement for more than two or three days, especially in the summer.

What Do Dallas Asphalt Paving Companies Mean When They Reference Personalized Care?

An experienced Dallas asphalt paving company knows that every pavement is unique. For example, two parking lots may have identical square footage. However, the underlying soil could be dramatically different, or the volume of traffic could be significantly different. They may not have been installed by the same asphalt paving company, so there could be some differences in the engineering design. Therefore, the paving services that the two parking lots should receive after installation may not be identical. Asphalt maintenance contractors can help you determine the right set of services you need for your particular paving in Dallas.

What Is the Significance of an Asphalt Paving Partnership?

If you want superior Dallas paving services, you should consider your asphalt paving company as a business partner. You and your contractor should work together to ensure that you get the right paving services for your specific pavement.

1. When planning a new asphalt paving installation, be honest with your contractor. You should collect bids from several Dallas asphalt paving companies, but make sure that you provide them with accurate information. For example, if you want an asphalt paving company to build a parking lot that can support a high number of heavyweight trucks, do not ask for a quote on a parking lot for passenger vehicles.
2. Be proactive about your pavement’s design, installation, and maintenance. Reputable Dallas asphalt paving companies have representatives who can walk customers through every step of a procedure for repairing, maintaining, or installing paving in Dallas. Ask your Dallas asphalt paving company to explain any terms or procedures that you do not understand.
3. Consider asking your contractor to put your Dallas paving services on autopilot. After your pavement is installed, it will need certain routine maintenance procedures performed at specific intervals. Many Dallas asphalt paving companies offer automated programs that free you from the responsibility of scheduling your services.

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