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Dallas Parking Lot Paving – Six Things You Need To Know!

Dallas Parking Lot Paving - Six Things You Need To Know!Dallas parking lot paving is a fantastic investment that can take your property to new heights. No matter the type of property you own or the business you run, nothing provides a professional touch that customers love more than a beautifully paved parking lot.

If you’re considering paving your lot, here are several things you need to know.

What Material is Most Often Used for Parking Lot Paving?

There’s no shortage of paving material options. Drive through Dallas, and you’ll likely see everything from flatwork concrete to gravel. But if you want parking lot paving that lasts, asphalt is the way to go.

Asphalt is a resilient material that can serve your property for decades. It’s also easy to maintain and repair, saving you money in long-term upkeep costs. Pair that with the lower installation cost than other materials, and asphalt paving is a worthy choice for parking lots of all sizes.

Does Asphalt Paving Require Any Preparation?

Great asphalt paving starts with proper sub-base and site prep. Paving contractors spend considerable time excavating the area and analyzing the soil. The sub-base serves as the pavement’s foundation, and most projects will require additional aggregate and soil amendment to ensure the finished surface has the load-bearing capacity you need.

Preparation is crucial in parking lot paving, and reliable contractors won’t neglect it.

How Do Asphalt Paving Companies Ensure Proper Water Drainage?

Drainage is another important consideration when performing lot paving in Dallas. Water must drain off the surface efficiently to prevent pooling, structural integrity issues and more.

Asphalt paving companies should take drainage into account during the preparation phase. As they work on sub-base, they’ll use heavy-duty equipment to perfect the elevation and create a proper slope to prevent water accumulation.

What are My Options When Getting Dallas Parking Lot Paving?

There are more options for lot paving in Dallas than most realize! In addition to having flexibility in design and construction, paving contractors can also use various types of asphalt and material grades.

Different asphalt paving grades can achieve different results, offering a smoother or more coarse finished product while creating varying levels of strength. The same goes for asphalt material. If you want to save money and make a sustainable asphalt paving choice, ask your paving contractors about using recycled asphalt aggregate!

Do the Details Matter in Dallas Parking Lot Paving?

The details are important in lot paving projects. Unless you have property in a remote area, there’s a good chance that your parking lot will connect to other surfaces. Lot paving in Dallas isn’t as simple as laying new asphalt.

Asphalt paving companies also need to perfect the transition to existing surfaces. Otherwise, the driving experience might be jarring and uncomfortable. If necessary, teams may precision-cut old connection points and use specialty tools to create a smoother butt joint for your new pavement.

Does Asphalt Paving Require Maintenance?

Regular maintenance is key to long-lasting lot paving in Dallas. While strong, asphalt isn’t indestructible. It can experience damage all the same, but there’s a lot you can do to minimize issues.

Periodic sealcoating will safeguard your pavement against the elements. Meanwhile, crackfilling, patch repairs and other restoration work will maintain structural integrity for years to come.

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