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What Are The Dallas Asphalt Paving Cost Factors?

What Are The Dallas Asphalt Paving Cost Factors?Ready to invest in brand-new asphalt paving for home or commercial property? Before you do, there are many things to consider. The total Dallas asphalt paving cost for this property upgrade is one of the biggest.

Asphalt is a worthy investment that can boost property value, improve curb appeal and provide unmatched functionality. But it’s not a cheap endeavor! In this blog, we’ll explore some factors that could impact the total costs of your paving project.

Will the Design Affect Total Dallas Asphalt Paving Costs?

The design will greatly impact the cost of your parking lot or driveway paving. Of course, larger paved surfaces require more material, translating into higher costs.

Asphalt paving companies consider the overall dimensions of the pavement you want to calculate the asphalt tonnage it requires. But that’s not all.

They also look into the overall complexity of your project. For example, your site may present challenges that require more precise engineering or sub-base preparation. Those Dallas asphalt paving cost factors all make a difference.

Does Intended Use Come Into Play for Asphalt Paving Costs?

Paving asphalt looks straightforward, and experienced paving companies have it down to a science. However, not all paved surfaces are the same. Some are significantly thicker than others to accommodate more weight and wear.

When you ask asphalt paving companies for a quote, most will ask what you intend to use it for. That’s because different use cases require distinct engineering. For instance, simple driveway paving is easy and only requires a paving thickness of around four inches. Meanwhile, commercial and industrial surfaces must accommodate heavy-duty vehicles and more traffic, requiring thicknesses of up to 12 inches!

The thickness directly impacts the amount of material you’ll use while changing engineering requirements and site prep. Once again, those asphalt paving factors matter.

Do Different Types of Material Impact Total Dallas Asphalt Paving Costs?

Paving companies have access to various materials for asphalt paving.

Different grades are available to produce different strengths and finishes. Courser-grade asphalt mixes are best for heavy-duty applications like industrial job sites and roads. They offer a more textured finish. However, smoother-grade material for asphalt paving is best for commercial applications in parking lots.

Asphalt paving companies also use materials like recycled asphalt aggregate. All materials come at different price points, so discussing your budget and options with your paving contractor for guidance is wise.

What About Labor for Asphalt Paving Companies?

Another asphalt paving cost to consider is labor. Naturally, larger and more complex projects require more work to complete. As a result, paving companies must hire more workers to get the job done. That added expense means a higher cost when paving asphalt.

It’s also important to consider your distance from the asphalt supplier. Paving asphalt requires contractors to truck in tons of material. The farther suppliers must drive to reach your site, the more your project will cost.

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