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Why Do Dallas Asphalt Paving Contractors Use Subgrade?

Why Do Dallas Asphalt Paving Contractors Use Subgrade?Creating a smooth and durable surface for parking lots, driveways and more is a more complex process than most realize. Fortunately, the best Dallas asphalt paving contractors know what they’re doing and how to lay asphalt for lasting durability. Contrary to popular belief, asphalt isn’t tough enough to sit on raw soil.

Dallas asphalt paving requires a strong foundation to support the weight of traffic and withstand decades of use. Proper subgrade preparation is a must before parking lot or driveway paving.

Why Does Dallas Asphalt Paving Need Subgrade?

Would you ever consider building a home or commercial building without a proper foundation? If you know anything about construction, you know that the foundation is one of the most critical components of any structure. The same principles apply to your asphalt paving in Dallas!

Asphalt paving in Dallas Texas needs a stable and uniform foundation to sit on. Otherwise, surfaces can buckle under the weight of traffic. They can also experience buckling from differential settling and intense cracking from the Earth’s movements. Foundations are crucial to providing stability and lasting strength. That applies to all structures. From driveway paving to expansive parking lots, long-lasting surfaces start with a strategically prepared subgrade and attention from skilled asphalt paving contractors.

What Factors Do Paving Contractors Consider When Preparing the Subgrade?

There’s much to consider when building asphalt paving in Dallas. One of the first is the purpose of your asphalt paving in Dallas Texas. When you consult with an asphalt paving company, you should discuss the type of traffic that will use your pavement. That’s because the subgrade can impact the load-bearing capacity of the paving that sits above. The needs of driveway paving will be much different than those of a commercial parking lot or loading bays that need to hold heavy-duty vehicles.

Dallas asphalt paving contractors will approach subgrade preparation based on the desired structural integrity of your paving. They’ll also consider your pavement’s exposure to the elements. Another job of the subgrade for your asphalt paving in Dallas is to manage drainage. Your asphalt paving company will grade the soil accordingly, creating the proper slope to ensure water doesn’t pool on your paved surfaces and degrade the material faster than normal.

Why Do Dallas Paving Contractors Spend So Much Time on the Subgrade?

Asphalt paving contractors can spend a considerable amount of time on subgrade prep. That’s a good thing! It ensures that they’re taking the right precautions and doing things right. The finished asphalt paving in Dallas Texas will benefit from the attention to detail.

Subgrade prep involves many steps. It usually begins with asphalt paving contractors performing soil tests and in-depth examinations. Dallas asphalt paving contractors must understand the soil’s moisture content, load-bearing capacity, compaction characteristics and more. That information can guide the preparation process, giving your asphalt paving company more insight into what they need to do to build a solid foundation for your asphalt paving in Dallas.

Depending on their findings, they may remove soft soil and debris before replacing it with rock aggregate to stabilize your Dallas asphalt paving. Afterward, they’ll grade the material for proper drainage, compact it to improve load-bearing capabilities and more. After further testing to ensure the subgrade meets the mark, they can start the parking lot or driveway paving phase.

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