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8 Signs That Show You Need Immediate Asphalt Repair and Patching

8 Signs That Show You Need Immediate Asphalt Repair and PatchingAsphalt paving is a resilient material that can enhance your commercial or residential property in many ways. But whether it’s on your home’s driveway or a busy parking lot, there will come a time when you need asphalt repair. Despite its durability, asphalt isn’t indestructible. Regular wear and exposure to the elements can take its toll, leading to many issues that threaten the structural integrity and safety of the surface.

The good news is that asphalt repair companies can address issues to prolong the life of your paved surfaces and prevent long-term damage. But how do you know when to get asphalt repair and patching in Dallas? Here’s what you need to know.

What are the Long-Term Risks of Alligator Cracking Asphalt Repair Issues?

Alligator cracks are aptly named defects that create a web of surface cracks. They resemble alligator skin and can ruin the look of your driveway or parking lot. More importantly, the issue can worsen over time and create structural problems in the future.

Contact an asphalt repair contractor as soon as you notice these cracks forming. An experienced contractor can provide a lasting solution to this unsightly problem.

Should I Contact an Asphalt Repair Company About Buckling?

Buckling and warping can make a paved surface look wavy or uneven. Not only is buckling an eyesore, but it can eventually pose safety risks. Address this issue as soon as you see it.

When caught early, asphalt repairs for buckling are relatively easy. But like alligator cracking, it can worsen and require more extensive asphalt repair if you wait too long.

Should I Worry About Standing Water on My Asphalt Paving?

Standing water is not something you should ignore. When puddles develop after heavy rain, it indicates that your paved surface has drainage issues. Asphalt can hold up well to the elements, but standing water can slowly cause damage by seeping into the material and negatively affecting binding agents.

Asphalt repair companies can level shallow points in your paved surface and improve drainage issues.

Do I Need Asphalt Repair in Dallas if Surfaces Look Sunken In?

If you have standing water, you likely have low points in your asphalt. Even if drainage isn’t an issue, sinkage is a problem seasoned contractors offering asphalt repair in Dallas TX should address.

Sinkage could indicate structural problems. Neglecting to do asphalt repairs could lead to bigger troubles in the future.

Do Crumbling Edges Need Attention from an Asphalt Repair Company?

Typically, asphalt paving has concrete gutters or curbs to protect the edges. If not, you’ll experience crumbling edges. This problem worsens over time and threatens the structural integrity of your paved surfaces. Get asphalt repair and patching in Dallas to correct this issue and protect your investment!

Should I Get Asphalt Repair in Dallas TX for Fading or Discoloration?

Fresh asphalt is black and evenly colored. However, exposure to the elements can make it lose its color, resulting in a faded appearance. When you notice your asphalt looking worse for wear, it’s time to get asphalt repair and patching in Dallas.

Faded asphalt paving is more susceptible to cracking and weather-related damage. Fortunately, sealcoating will make the surface look new while providing much-needed protection.

Does Loose Pieces on My Parking Lot or Driveway Mean I Need Asphalt Repair?

It’s not just crumbled edges you should worry about. Sometimes, asphalt can break apart on the surface, resulting in small chunks breaking off. You may notice pits developing on your parking lot or driveway.

This phenomenon, called raveling, occurs when the binder and aggregate disconnect. The longer you wait to hire asphalt repair companies, the worse raveling will get. Eventually, bigger pieces will break apart. So, it’s best to address this asphalt repair issue immediately.

Do Cracks Need Dallas Asphalt Repair Service?

Small cracks aren’t a major cause for concern. But if you notice those cracks growing, you need asphalt repair in Dallas. Changing temperatures will cause cracks to expand.

Generally, you should invest in Dallas asphalt repair for growing cracks or gaps bigger than a quarter of an inch.

No matter what type of issue you’re dealing with on your asphalt paving, HI-TEK Paving Services has your back. We’re a trusted asphalt repair contractor with over a decade of experience helping residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Dallas and the surrounding areas. Our service area includes Dallas-Fort Worth, Mesquite and surrounding cities in North Texas.

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