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Dallas Asphalt Repair — Patch, Resurface, or Replace?

Dallas Asphalt Repair — Patch, Resurface, or Replace?Despite the longevity that a well-built and properly maintained asphalt pavement can achieve, problems can manifest before the end of its expected life. The most common methods of Dallas asphalt repair are patching, resurfacing, and replacing. However, these three methods are not interchangeable, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is important to understand their appropriate use so that you can select the right option for your unique pavement.

What Is the Patching Method of Dallas Asphalt Repair?

If you are of a certain age, you can probably recall seeing knee patches on blue jeans or elbow patches on jackets. An asphalt repair patch shares a few similarities with a clothing patch.d

1. To perform an asphalt patch repair, contractors cut out the damaged pavement, tidy up the void, then place multiple courses of asphalt and compact it. In most cases, the patch will be very close to the height of the surrounding pavement.
2. The two asphalt patch repair methods that are used the most often are full-depth and partial-depth patches. With a full-depth asphalt repair in Dallas TX, the contractor will remove all layers of the damaged pavement. This gives the asphalt repair company access to the foundation so that it can be strengthened, repaired, or rebuilt. When performing a partial-depth patch, asphalt repair contractors do not remove all layers of the pavement. Therefore, they cannot work on the foundation.
3. An asphalt patch repair costs less than asphalt repair resurfacing, and it costs substantially less than reconstructing the pavement. It is also faster than either of the other two methods, so there will be less disruption to traffic.
4. On the negative side, an asphalt repair patch is far from invisible, especially if the rest of the pavement has faded in color. If the appearance of your pavement is vitally important to you, you might want to choose a different type of asphalt repair in Dallas TX, particularly if you need numerous patches.
5. The patching method is often chosen to repair potholes, cracks that are too large for filling or sealing, and some instances of alligator cracking. Asphalt repair contractors can sometimes use this method to repair damage from a car fire or accident that only affects a relatively small area.

What Is the Resurfacing Method of Dallas Asphalt Repair?

Asphalt repair resurfacing is also known as overlaying. An asphalt repair company can grind away the top few inches of the pavement with a milling machine. The contractor then installs and compacts the correct number of asphalt courses to replace the pavement that was removed.

1. Resurfacing is an extremely popular asphalt parking lot repair method. It provides the aesthetics of a new pavement at a substantially lower cost. Instead of a pavement riddled with patches and obvious crack repairs, the surface of the pavement will be uniformly dark, smooth, and level.
2. Asphalt repair resurfacing is more expensive than a single asphalt patch repair, but it can be more cost-effective than installing numerous patches. Resurfacing is also significantly less expensive and much faster than reconstructing the pavement.
3. The primary disadvantage of asphalt repair resurfacing is that it is not always a cost-effective solution for pavements with substantial foundation damage. Similar to a partial-depth patch, asphalt repair contractors will not have automatic access to the foundation. If there are just a few areas that need a foundation repair, the asphalt repair company can make them by using the full-depth patching method. However, if the foundation damage is widespread, making dozens of asphalt patch repairs could negate the cost benefits of resurfacing.

When Is a Reconstruction the Right Dallas Asphalt Repair Method?

Because many people think that a reconstruction requires the removal and replacement of the entire pavement, they may not realize that it is often a feasible asphalt parking lot repair method. For example, if the severe damage is limited to one particular area of your pavement, your asphalt repair company may be able to reconstruct just that area. Many asphalt repair contractors are also willing to let you spread the reconstruction over two or three years by rebuilding your parking lot in sections.

1. Reconstructing your pavement allows your asphalt repair company to perform all necessary work on the foundation. For example, you may need a stronger base installed to support more or heavier traffic than when your parking lot was first designed.
2. A reconstruction lets you address any subterranean drainage issues that might exist. Hidden drainage issues can often erode the foundation, inflicting damage on the pavement.
3. With a reconstruction, you will have a brand-new pavement from the ground to the surface. Depending on how you use your parking lot, a new pavement should last 15 to 25 years if you maintain it properly.

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