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Keeping Your Operation Safe During Asphalt Paving Repairs

Keeping Your Operation Safe During Asphalt Paving RepairsExperienced business owners and property managers value the safety of their personnel, tenants, clients, and visitors. They also feel the need to maintain a functional environment at all times. Asphalt paving repairs have the potential to be disruptive and hazardous, but both of these challenges can be met with relative ease. You need to understand the possible risks, communicate effectively with your contractor, and lend your support whenever it is needed.

What Are the Possible Risks Associated With Asphalt Paving Repairs?

If you hire a trustworthy paving repair company, the contractor or project manager should review all potential risks that your asphalt repairs might present. The nature of your Dallas asphalt repairs, the layout of your property, and your specific operation can all contribute to any possible risks. In general, however, paving repair contractors are most concerned with three things.

1. Many asphalt repairs in Dallas require the use of heavy equipment. A reputable paving repair company will take steps to ensure that only qualified machine operators and trained employees are allowed to be in the work area. You will need to advise your staff or tenants of the necessity of respecting the boundaries erected by your asphalt repair company.
2. Asphalt repair projects can generate an amazing amount of dust. Try to avoid scheduling any outdoor activities while your paving repair project is underway. If you have staff members who will need to be near the work area, it would be prudent to provide them with goggles and masks. Depending on the situation, you might want to provide them with disposable coveralls to protect their clothing and skin.
3. Asphalt paving repairs can also be extremely noisy. Advise your tenants and employees not to expect a quiet environment so that they can prepare ways to counteract the noise levels. For those working closest to the area under repair, you might want to consider issuing them earplugs or other hearing protection devices.

What Is the Importance of Communicating With the Contractor Handling Your Asphalt Paving Repairs?

Your asphalt repair contractor can provide you with a wealth of information about your entire project. In turn, this can help you create a plan to communicate pertinent details to your staff, tenants, residents, or customers. Maintaining effective communications with your paving repair contractor can also make sure that you are kept in the loop throughout your project.

1. Let your people know the date your project is scheduled to start and end. If, like many projects for asphalt repairs in Dallas, your work will be performed in stages, let everyone know the plan. If the plan changes, be sure to issue updates.
2. Your paving repair company should help you create a plan to establish a perimeter to keep people out of the work zone. You may need to erect signs, send emails or texts, or post flyers on your bulletin boards.

What Support Should I Offer the Contractor Performing My Asphalt Paving Repairs?

Keeping your property safe and functional during your Dallas asphalt repairs needs to be a collaborative effort involving you, your contractor, and your personnel.

1. Make sure that the work area is clean and free from obstructions. If you have freestanding signs, pallets, or other movable objects, relocate them.
2. If you must change where people park, drive, or walk during your asphalt repairs, make sure you communicate the information clearly. Provide as much advance notice as possible.
3. If your paving repair company will be handling issues in your parking lot, ensure that there are no vehicles in the lot by the time your contractor arrives.
4. Keep your exterior lights on if your paving repair company will be working after sunset or before sunrise.
5. Turn off your sprinkler system. Many asphalt repairs require that the pavement is completely dry. You never want to water your pavement, but you want to prevent any potential runoff that could flow into the work area.

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