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Dallas Asphalt: Differences Between Asphalt and Blacktop

Dallas Asphalt: Differences Between Asphalt and BlacktopMany use the terms “asphalt” and blacktop” interchangeably. However, Dallas asphalt is slightly different from blacktop in many ways. The confusion likely stems from the similarities they share. Technically speaking, blacktop is a type of asphalt. However, Dallas asphalt contractors use them differently due to the variances in formula and strength.

What is Dallas Asphalt?

This material is one of the most durable paving surfaces around! You can see it wherever you look. Asphalt contractors use it to build roads, lay parking lots, create residential driveways and more. At its core, asphalt is a mixture of crushed stone and bitumen.

Bitumen is a petroleum byproduct, and it’s what gives the finished surface its signature black color. It’s not just asphalt companies that use bitumen. It’s also big in roofing, waterproofing projects and even cabling.

Asphalt contractors can prepare the material in many ways, making it surprisingly versatile. Slight adjustments to the formula and crushed stone can lead to varying strengths and load-bearing capacities.

Paved surfaces can last for decades when properly prepared and laid by an experienced asphalt company in Dallas. The material is tough enough to withstand heavy-duty traffic, making it ideal for various applications.

What is a Blacktop, and How is it Similar to Asphalt?

Any asphalt company in Dallas that provides material for roads and parking lots can also provide blacktop. That’s because blacktop has nearly identical ingredients! It, too, contains crushed stone and bitumen. The difference is the ratio. More on that soon.

Blacktop contains the same bitumen that acts as a binder to keep the aggregate together. Like before, asphalt companies must heat the bitumen up to specific temperatures when preparing a blacktop mix.

What are the Differences in How a Asphalt Companies Prepare Asphalt and Blacktop?

The ingredients are where the similarities between Dallas concrete and blacktop ends. While they contain the same ingredients, the composition of the formula is very different.

Dallas asphalt companies use a higher bitumen-to-stone ratio when creating asphalt. Meanwhile, blacktop has more stone than bitumen.

Another major difference is the temperatures used to heat the mixtures. Asphalt companies will bring asphalt up to around 120 degrees Celsius (about 250 degrees Fahrenheit). But to make blacktop, they bring the heat up to 150 degrees Celsius (over 300 degrees Fahrenheit).

Which is More Durable: Asphalt or Blacktop?

The bitumen-to-stone ratio and heating temperatures result in significant changes to durability. Asphalt uses more bitumen, so it’s far less porous than blacktop. That’s good because it’s less susceptible to water damage and wear.

Blacktop’s higher stone content can sometimes create a sparklier finish, but it lacks the same durability as Dallas asphalt. If you need something super durable, work with your asphalt company in Dallas to get the right mix.

When is Using Blacktop More Appropriate Than Using Dallas Asphalt?

When you hire an asphalt company, one of the first things you’ll need to discuss is the purpose of your pavement. Dallas asphalt contractors need that information to decide what type of surface is best for your needs.

Because Dallas asphalt is more durable, you’re more likely to see it in applications that require heavy-duty support and maximum durability. For example, it’s the go-to for highways, industrial parking lots with loading docks, airstrips, etc.

Blacktop doesn’t have the same durability. Therefore, it’s more likely to fail in those intense applications. Instead, asphalt contractors use it for light-duty areas like playgrounds, sports courts and residential driveways.

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