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Paving Contractor In Dallas – Difference Between A Good Job VS A Bad Job

Paving Contractor In Dallas - Difference Between A Good Job VS A Bad JobPaving a parking lot, driveway or loading dock is a complex process that’s too difficult for property owners to do themselves. There are many logistics to handle throughout the multi-step process, so you want to hire a paving contractor in Dallas with the know-how to deliver results that last. But how can you identify a good final product over a bad one?

Unfortunately, bad paving jobs are more common than you think, resulting in costly issues that can plague property owners for years. Fortunately, there are several details you can look at to gauge the job of your asphalt contractors.

Should My Paving Contractor in Dallas Spend Time Preparing the Site?

The earliest red flag during a project is the absence of proper site prep. Any experienced paving contractor will spend considerable time ensuring your property is ready for asphalt. Contrary to popular belief, asphalt contractors can’t apply material to raw soil.

These projects require excavation, soil analysis and sub-base preparation. Your asphalt company should test the soil’s strength and compaction qualities, make adjustments to maximize load-bearing capacity and more.

It’s an involved process, so basic excavation should be a cause for concern.

What Should Asphalt Contractors Do to Optimize Drainage?

Paving contractors must pay attention to drainage protocols. Every surface needs a way to send water runoff to nearby drainage infrastructure. Planning for drainage starts during site prep. Paving companies should work out the logistics before asphalt goes down, including shaping the sub-base to prevent standing water.

Once finished, check the paved surface for standing water. If there’s any spot where water pools, there’s an increased risk of early deterioration and structural damage. Standing water indicates that your asphalt contractor did a bad job.

Do Asphalt Companies Apply Primer Before Paving?

A skilled asphalt contractor will apply a primer to base aggregate layers. Most people are unaware that asphalt paving needs priming, but it’s an important step that assures strong adhesion between the asphalt and the sub-base.

Pay attention to how your paving contractors approach priming. No matter how thick your final pavement is, experienced and skilled asphalt companies will use a primer.

How Thick Should My Paving Contractor in Dallas Make the Final Product?

Every paving project should start with discussing your pavement’s intended use. That’s because a good Dallas paving contractor will use that information to determine the thickness of the asphalt.

Most residential driveways are just two inches thick. But if your paving contractor is putting in a commercial parking lot, it needs to be thicker to withstand the weight of everyday traffic. Industrial properties supporting heavy-duty vehicles may need even thicker pavement!

How Should a Dallas Paving Contractor Handle Transitions?

Finally, examine all transitions. Paving companies often construct surfaces that connect to other long-established surfaces. For example, your driveway will connect to your garage floor and the road. Parking lots will have multiple connection points between public roads.

Paving contractors must spend time creating smooth transitions throughout. If your asphalt company doesn’t, contact them to come back and do so! A smooth transition ensures a pleasant driving experience and minimizes the risk of vehicle damage.

A reliable paving contractor will know that and spend considerable time getting things right.

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