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How Good Dallas Paving Companies Mitigate Drainage Issues

How Good Dallas Paving Companies Mitigate Drainage IssuesWhether investing in a brand-new parking lot, a loading dock or any other form of asphalt paving, it’s important to work with Dallas paving companies that prioritize proper drainage and water management. Asphalt is a tough material. But nothing is immune to the effects of water penetration!

Water won’t cause immediate damage to asphalt paving, but poor drainage can lead to ongoing deterioration, soil erosion and long-term structural integrity issues. Even the most strategically engineered surface can succumb to water damage without good drainage.

Fortunately, skilled paving contractors know how to mitigate those problems. Here’s how.

How Should Dallas Paving Companies Approach Water Management?

Paving companies in Dallas should prioritize water management from the jump. If they don’t, it may be time to seek different professional guidance from another paving company!

Water is the number-one enemy of asphalt. Standing water weakens the material. Meanwhile, moisture penetration can lead to soil erosion, foundation damage and more. If you’ve ever seen a parking lot riddled with cracks, potholes and buckles, it’s likely due to poor drainage and an ineffective design by inexperienced paving contractors.

Your paving contractors must be mindful of potential drainage problems before a single piece of equipment enters your site. An experienced paving company will start your project by assessing the soil. Asphalt companies pay attention to the soil’s composition, your property’s topography and your future pavement’s proximity to drainage infrastructure. Many will also perform additional tests related to the engineering of your pavement.

Information about your property is important because it helps contractors develop solutions that prevent drainage problems in the future. They can take steps now to avoid headaches later, ensuring the finished product has the longevity you need.

How Do Paving Companies Tackle Drainage Issues During Site Preparation?

Proper water management begins during the site prep phase. You may not realize it, but high-quality surfaces constructed by experienced asphalt paving companies typically have a subtle slope. The slope isn’t extreme enough to see or feel. But when water falls onto your asphalt, that slope ensures it can’t settle.

Asphalt paving companies will use heavy machinery to grade the site. Grading involves moving material to develop the right slope and elevation.

Paving companies in Dallas will also consider existing drainage infrastructure. Most commercial properties have some form of water management in place. But your new paving needs to connect to it.

Depending on your property’s needs and local regulations, your paving company may install additional features like catch basins or storm drains. Asphalt companies use these additions to move water away from your pavement and into appropriate infrastructure.

Do Asphalt Companies Consider Water Runoff?

Water runoff is another concern that the best paving companies in Dallas will plan for. Asphalt paving sloped enough to prevent standing water makes a big difference. But runoff can lead to soil erosion around the perimeter of your paved surfaces. Not only can that lead to damage from the outside in, but it can also increase the risk of flooding in the surrounding areas.

Here’s where additional infrastructure like catch basins and drains come in. Placing those features where water naturally collects as it flows off your pavement will allow asphalt companies to direct it to proper drainage systems.

Don’t let water ruin your property and your investment. When it’s time to get new pavement, turn to experienced asphalt paving companies like Hi-Tek Paving Services. Our team approaches every project with honesty, integrity and an eagerness to produce work they can be proud of. We take time to understand your needs and the unique characteristics of your property to mitigate drainage problems from day one.

We set the bar high for asphalt paving companies in Dallas and beyond, and we’re eager to show you how. Our services include new asphalt paving, repairs, overlays and sealcoating. We also do concrete installations, repair, parking lot maintenance and striping.

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