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How to Get the Most Accurate Bid from Asphalt Contractors

How to Get the Most Accurate Bid from Asphalt ContractorsHow to Get the Most Accurate Bid from Asphalt Contractors

New asphalt paving is a big investment, and it’s important to be selective about who you hire to get the job done. When you start collecting bids, you’ll have several asphalt contractors vying for your business and see many figures thrown your way.

Unfortunately, not all contractors prioritize accuracy when bidding on projects, causing costs to balloon. Here are several pointers to ensure you get precise information, making it easier to make the right choice for your budget and needs.

What Should I Know Before Contacting Asphalt Contractors?

One of the most valuable tips we can provide is to learn the basics of your project before you reach out to an asphalt contractor. It’s OK if you’re not a paving professional or aren’t well-versed in industry terminology. You’re hiring experts for a reason!

However, it’s wise to learn basic knowledge to communicate your needs to your asphalt contractor effectively. The best asphalt contractors in Texas can help you determine the right solution for your needs, but knowing what your project involves can give you a better idea of its scope. That goes a long way in understanding bids.

If you’re looking for repairs, understand the damage your asphalt paving has and a general idea of what repairs can fix it. If you need new paving, consider appropriate paving thicknesses based on its intended use. Those basics will get you far when discussing your project with asphalt contractors in Dallas.

How Much Material Will Dallas Asphalt Contractors Need to Complete My Project?

The best Dallas asphalt contractors will approach every project holistically, developing solutions that meet your needs. But when navigating bids, it’s good to understand your project’s biggest expense: Asphalt material.

Specifics can vary based on the parameters of your project, but standard parking lots will contain 145 pounds of Asphalt per cubic foot of coverage. With that ballpark figure, you can estimate how many tons of Asphalt your project will require.

Light-duty parking lots are often four to five inches thick. Meanwhile, surfaces that must accommodate heavy-duty vehicles are often seven to eight inches thick.

A simple calculation to estimate the amount of Asphalt required to complete your project would look like this:

Length(ft) X Width(ft) X Depth (ft) = Cubic Feet of Coverage

Cubic Feet of Coverage X 145 Pounds of Asphalt = Total Asphalt Required in Pounds

Total Asphalt Required in Pounds / 2,000 = Tons of Asphalt for Your Project

This rough calculation won’t be exact. Asphalt companies will do more precise calculations later. However, knowing how much asphalt they’ll need to create your paving will help you gauge the accuracy of every bid you receive.

Do Specifics Matter When Getting Bids from Asphalt Companies?

Specifics make a huge difference when getting bids from asphalt companies. You may not have exact measurements, but you can get specific with the scope of work you expect Dallas asphalt contractors to complete.

Provide concise directions for your project whenever possible. For example, you can tell asphalt contractors in Dallas that you want a surface X feet long by X feet wide with a compacted thickness of X inches. If there are any other requirements or expectations, such as excavation or repairs, include them. Being specific ensures that asphalt contractors cover all expenses when building your quote, leaving no surprises that will balloon your budget.

How Do I Compare Quotes from Multiple Asphalt Contractors?

In most cases, you’ll speak to multiple contractors. The key to comparing bids is to provide the same information when discussing your project. Offer the same specifications, scope of work, asphalt mix figures, etc. While it’s challenging to do an “apples to apples” comparison due to variations in labor costs, providing the same relevant information allows you to see how companies build estimates and what they charge for core materials.

Comparisons will help you choose the best asphalt contractor for your needs and budget.

When you turn to Hi-Tek Paving Services, you can expect accurate and fair bids, no matter the scope of your asphalt paving needs! Our company has proudly served property owners in Dallas and the surrounding areas for over a decade. We offer the best prices in the industry and guarantee top-notch service for every project we complete.

Our services include new asphalt paving, repairs, sealcoating, overlays, parking lot striping, maintenance and more.

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