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How To Budget For Asphalt Repair in Dallas

How To Budget For Asphalt Repair in Dallas

How To Budget For Asphalt Repair in Dallas

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of driving over a poorly maintained asphalt roadway, you know how uncomfortable and frustrating the experience can be. The last thing you should want is for the asphalt on your property to reach the same level of disarray. Fortunately, regular asphalt repair in Dallas can help keep your paving in great shape over the long haul.

But how much should you budget for ongoing Dallas asphalt repair?

Should I Assess My Pavement’s Condition?

The first thing you should do when developing an asphalt repair budget is to examine the current state of your pavement. Or rather, having a pavement contractor do it for you. Pavement maintenance professionals understand the unique challenges asphalt faces over time. Therefore, they’re better equipped to scrutinize your property’s pavement and guide you in the right direction for repairs and maintenance.

You must understand the current state of your pavement for many reasons. First, relatively new surfaces don’t require much repair work or maintenance. When the material ages and deteriorates, you must increase your repair budget and proactively control damage.

When pavement maintenance contractors assess your paved surfaces, they can guide you in the right direction, alert you to asphalt repairs you need now and help you learn more about potential issues your pavement will encounter later.

What Do Pavement Repair Professionals Look for When Examining Asphalt?

There are a few things that asphalt crack repair contractors look for during a visual inspection. The first is its overall condition and distress. Paving can experience many forms of damage. Contractors pay attention to the types of distress your pavement currently suffers from to understand its level of deterioration and current needs.

Experts examine the material’s color, the size of its cracks, the texture of the surface, etc. With that information, contractors can recommend asphalt crack repair or an asphalt patch. They’ll also alert you to issues that might warrant your attention in the near future.

What Factors Should Influence My Budget for Asphalt Repair?

In addition to your pavement’s current state, you want to consider factors like age, use and exposure.

Older paved surfaces typically require more attention than newer ones. They’ve spent more time dealing with the elements, resulting in larger-scale deterioration. If your paving is over a decade old, you can expect to invest in more frequent Dallas asphalt repairs. It’s important to budget for more asphalt patch jobs, crack repairs, etc.

The pavement’s current use also matters. For example, light-duty surfaces like residential driveways don’t receive much wear and tear compared to commercial parking lots or industrial paved surfaces. Pavement that regularly experiences heavy-duty traffic may require more frequent pavement repairs, especially as it ages.

Finally, you must consider the level of exposure your pavement receives. Sun and rain can speed up material deterioration. Areas of your parking lot without adequate coverage may suffer from frequent cracks and potholes that need an asphalt patch in Dallas to repair.

How Do I Prioritize Asphalt Services?

The best approach to developing a Dallas asphalt repair budget is to prioritize issues that need attention now while putting money away for long-term maintenance. Your pavement’s needs will change as it ages, so continually working with seasoned contractors for guidance can help you budget accordingly.

Contractors typically recommend tackling issues like cracks, potholes and drainage issues as they arise. Hire teams to perform an asphalt patch in Dallas for all potholes, invest in regular crack-filling and sealing, etc. Address those problems immediately to prevent water penetration and worsening damage. If there are major drainage issues, invest in appropriate solutions to ensure that standing water doesn’t wreak havoc on your paved surfaces.

You’ll need regular maintenance services beyond asphalt patch jobs and crack repairs. For example, all paving needs sealcoating every three to five years and overlays every decade or so. Depending on your pavement’s condition, you may also benefit from strategic crack sealing and patching every few years.

Whether you need sealcoating, crack-filling or an asphalt patch in Dallas, Hi-Tek Paving Services has you covered. We’re experts in pavement repair, proudly serving property owners throughout the Greater Dallas area since 2010. We offer many services, including new paving, asphalt crack repair, parking lot maintenance, striping, overlays, concrete installation and more.

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