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Can Sealcoating Take Place After a Paving Installation?

Can Sealcoating Take Place After a Paving Installation?
Although asphalt paving is less expensive than concrete, most property owners want to do everything in their power to see that their new pavement has a long, healthy life. Therefore, they want to sealcoat the pavement as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, sealcoating should never be applied immediately after an asphalt installation.

Why Must I Wait to Apply Sealcoating to My New Asphalt Pavement?

Asphalt is a petroleum-based product, so it contains various oils. As asphalt paving cures, it exhausts the excess oil, allowing the pavement to harden without losing its flexibility. It is important to note that curing and drying are not interchangeable terms. Typically, your pavement will be dry and able to be put into service within a couple of days, but the curing process is still underway at this point.

What Affects the Curing Time of Asphalt Pavements?

There are a number of factors that determine how long it takes a new asphalt overlay or pavement to cure. These include the temperature, the thickness of the asphalt, and the type of mix installed.

1. Asphalt cures faster in the summer than in the spring or fall. The sun generates heat, but it also renews it. This helps evaporate the oil.
2. The thinner the pavement, the faster the asphalt will cure. Therefore, an overlay may be ready for asphalt sealcoating sooner than a parking lot designed to support fully loaded tractor-trailers.
3. Asphalt is available in several types, including traditional hot mix asphalt, porous asphalt, and permeable asphalt. Depending on other factors, the curing time can vary by type.

How Long Must I Wait for My New Asphalt Pavement to Cure Before Sealcoating It?

Dallas sealcoating contractors must evaluate all relevant factors before they provide an estimated curing time. Generally, a longer waiting time allows the pavement to become harder, which can boost longevity, but you should never wait more than 12 months. Until your pavement is fully cured and sealed, you should treat it tenderly to avoid inflicting damage. Without knowing all of the details about your pavement, it is impossible to say precisely how long you must wait. However, assuming that the weather has been conducive to curing, the following information may be helpful.

1. When sealcoating Dallas asphalt overlays that are less than three inches thick, most contractors recommend waiting two to three months.
2. Asphalt parking lot sealcoating may need to be delayed by five to nine months if the pavement was designed to support only heavyweight vehicles.
3. Parking lot sealcoating can typically be applied in three to six months if the lot only allows passenger vehicles to park or drive on the pavement.
4. For private streets in a gated residential community, a sealcoating company may be able to perform the initial application in three or four months.

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