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What Is the Process for Asphalt Paving Construction?

What Is the Process for Asphalt Paving Construction?If you are like most people who have driven by an asphalt paving construction site, you have probably only witnessed the last few steps. When building a new highway, overlaying an existing asphalt pavement, or reconstructing a parking lot, contractors execute many different tasks.

What Steps Are Required for an Asphalt Overlay?

When a customer calls a paving contractor in Dallas for a quote on an overlay, the contractor will assess the site. If the pavement is less than about 10 years old, the paving contractor will want to ascertain why it failed so quickly. If applicable, the contractor will need to correct the problem so that the overlay does not suffer the same fate. After identifying and correcting the source of the damage, the asphalt paving company will typically perform the following steps.

1. Perform a rudimentary cleaning of the pavement to remove trash and other debris.
2. Use an asphalt milling machine to grind away up to three inches of the existing asphalt paving.
3. Clean the pavement again.
4. If milling did not remove all traces of cracks or potholes, the contractor will likely need to repair them.
5. Often, the asphalt company will apply a tack coat to enhance the bond between the overlay and the existing pavement.
6. One course at a time, the asphalt paving company will place and compact new asphalt to replace what the milling machine removed.

What Are the Steps for New Asphalt Paving Construction?

A new pavement starts with the development of design and engineering specifications. To assist in developing these specifications, the contractor may take core samples to analyze the soil at the site. After finalizing the specifications, the paving company typically executes the following steps.

1. If the site is on undeveloped land, the contractor will need to clear away vegetation, boulders, and other obstructions.
2. If necessary, the contractor will amend unsuitable soil. Soil amendments typically involve excavating and hauling away a certain depth of poor soil, then replacing it with better soil.
3. The contractor will compact the soil so that it is denser, stronger, and more stable.
4. The asphalt paving company will grade the site so that the pavement will have the correct slope to allow water to drain away.
5. If it is part of the design specifications, the contractor will install an aggregate base.
6. The contractor installs the base coat, which is a compacted course of asphalt.
7. The paving company will place and compact as many courses of asphalt as necessary to obtain the specified depth.
8. The final asphalt paving course will be the finish course. This is the surface on which people will drive or walk.

What Are the Steps for Reconstructing an Asphalt Pavement?

If there is an existing pavement, the paving company will need to demolish it and remove the debris. The rest of the process is almost identical to the process for installing new asphalt paving.

1. Much like the process for installing an overlay, if the pavement failed prematurely, the paving contractor will address the cause.
2. The contractor will amend the soil, if necessary, then compact it.
3. The asphalt company will establish the preliminary grade and slope.
4. If necessary, the contractor will construct or repair an aggregate base, then install a base coat.
5. The contractor will place and compact a sufficient number of asphalt courses to achieve the desired asphalt depth.
6. The paving company will install and compact the finish course.

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