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What Is A Fitting Asphalt Paving Budget For Property Owners?

What Is A Fitting Asphalt Paving Budget For Property Owners?Budgeting for property maintenance and repairs is an essential part of running a successful business. However, coming up with a fiscal forecast for parking lots and roadways can feel like a daunting task for even the most financially savvy planner. If you’re finding it hard to know exactly what types of services you’ll need from an asphalt company, then getting answers to your questions is the best way to come up with an accurate asphalt paving budget for the upcoming year.

What Should Go Into An Asphalt Paving Budget?

You can generally divide asphalt services into two main groups: general maintenance and major repaving projects. For the most part, you can expect a professionally installed asphalt surface to last for 20 to 30 years, if not longer. Yet, you’ll need to plan for several types of maintenance that occur throughout the year or less frequently, depending upon the traffic load.

What Types of Maintenance Should You Include In an Asphalt Paving Budget?

When it comes to asphalt paving Dallas property owners quickly realize that the extreme heat of the summers coupled with rapid fluctuations in temps throughout the seasons can cause parking lots and roads to break down over time. The same is also true of areas that have heavy traffic through the year.

Adding these maintenance services to your budget helps to correct common types of wear and tear earlier, so that the surface is preserved for longer.
Sealcoating – At least once the first year and every two years after
Crack Repairs – Inspect every six months or sooner for heavily trafficked paths
Cleaning – Fluid cleanups every six months, sweeping monthly or bimonthly
Striping and Marking – Always after sealcoating, but may need more frequent updating
Asphalt Overlays and Replacements – Around 10 to 20 years based upon the results of a professional inspection

How Do You Budget for Phased Asphalt Paving Projects?

It’s fairly easy to add a major asphalt repaving project to your annual budget when you know it’s a necessary one-time cost, but it might be a little harder to know exactly what to do when the services are needed biannually or several times a year.

To handle this issue, you’ll want to start by taking your quote from the parking lot paving contractor and deciding how you want to divide it up. For instance, adding half of the cost of a project that needs to be done every two years to your budget helps you set aside funds for the project. Alternatively, you might want to divide up annual costs by month, so that you can budget for the expenses throughout the year.

If you have questions about how to plan your asphalt paving budget for 2023, then reach out to Hi-Tek Paving Services. We’re well-known throughout the DFW metroplex for helping to plan budget-friendly projects that provide our customers with years of satisfaction. From asphalt overlays to crack repairs and parking lot striping, our team is prepared to provide you with extraordinary workmanship that enhances your property.

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