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How Long Must You Wait After a New Asphalt Paving Installation?

How Long Must You Wait After a New Asphalt Paving Installation?In the Dallas area, asphalt is a highly popular choice for paving parking lots, walking trails, bike paths, and many other types of pavements. Asphalt pavements offer a superior combination of aesthetic appeal, economy, safety, and installation speed. Whether you need an asphalt paving installation to construct a new pavement, overlay an existing one, or patch a damaged area, you may be wondering how long it will take before your pavement is ready for use. Your waiting time will depend on several factors, including your pavement’s use, the thickness of the asphalt, and the weather.

How Does the Pavement’s Use Affect the Waiting Time After an Asphalt Paving Installation?

Dallas Texas asphalt paving will be soft and flexible immediately after installation, so it will be easier to damage while it is curing. One point that asphalt paving contractors typically stress is that a freshly installed pavement should not begin receiving loads until it has hardened sufficiently. If your new pavement is a scarcely used walking trail, sidewalk, or similar pavement, it can be ready for pedestrians in less than 24 hours. You may also be able to allow foot traffic to access your parking lot within a similar time frame. However, you will need to keep vehicles from using your parking lot for a longer period. As a rule, parking lots that serve only a few passenger vehicles may be ready within three days, but busy, mixed-used lots will likely be subject to a waiting time of four to five days.

How Does the Thickness of the Pavement Affect the Waiting Time After an Asphalt Paving Installation?

An asphalt paving company installs multiple courses to create a pavement that has the strength to withstand expected loading. For example, asphalt paving in Dallas TX that must support 18-wheelers and other heavy vehicles must have a greater asphalt thickness than most suburban driveways. There are also special asphalt paving services, including overlays and patches, that can vary in thickness. Overlays, for example, can require less than an inch of asphalt paving, and they seldom require more than three inches. The thickness of asphalt patches will depend on how much of the existing pavement paving contractors remove and replace. Some asphalt paving patches require the removal of just an inch or two of the existing pavement, but others require the removal of the full depth of the damaged pavement. Therefore, the waiting time for these special asphalt paving services could be anywhere from a few hours to two or three days. Only your asphalt paving company can provide you with a precise waiting time.

How Does the Weather Affect the Waiting Time After an Asphalt Paving Installation?

Dallas Texas asphalt paving professionals know that the area can experience excessive heat and high humidity during the summer months. Hot, humid weather is not the ideal time for an asphalt paving installation, so most paving contractors prefer spring, early summer, and fall. However, experienced contractors know that their customers sometimes need their asphalt paving projects completed during certain months or by certain dates. Therefore, Dallas TX asphalt paving professionals have learned to take the weather into account to ensure a high-quality installation. They also make recommendations for steps that customers can take to protect a newly installed pavement while it is at its most vulnerable stage. Typically, a Dallas asphalt paving company will recommend extending the waiting time by one to two days if the temperature will reach more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit during and immediately after the installation.

1. You might think that asphalt paving cures faster in hot weather, but that is not the case. Excess heat can keep the pavement soft and flexible, thereby increasing its vulnerability.
2. Asphalt hardens faster at cooler temperatures. On very hot days, customers can water their parking lots or other pavements to cool the asphalt and harden it temporarily.
3. Until new asphalt paving in Dallas TX has hardened sufficiently, it will be susceptible to dents and depressions. Asphalt paving contractors usually recommend that customers place a piece of plywood under jack stands, trailer tongues, and kickstands to prevent damage. If a boat or camper will remain stationary for more than a few hours, it may also be advisable to place plywood beneath the tires as well.

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