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Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Sealcoating Company

Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Sealcoating CompanyPeriodic applications of sealcoating can help you get a longer life for your asphalt pavement at an economical cost. However, you need to hire a reputable contractor to apply your sealcoating. Before you hire a Dallas sealcoating company, be sure that you know the answers to the following questions.

Does Your Dallas Sealcoating Company Carry Adequate Insurance?

At the very least, sealcoating contractors need to carry general liability, workers’ comp, and vehicle liability policies. General liability insurance protects you in case the contractor’s workers damage your property or the property of others. It also covers personal injuries to people other than the contractor’s employees. Your sealcoating contractor should carry a policy with a limit of at least $500,000. Workers’ comp insurance covers work-related injuries or illnesses to the contractor’s employees. Your Dallas sealcoating contractor should carry workers’ comp insurance that covers every employee setting foot on your property. Vehicle liability insurance covers damage to property or vehicles belonging to someone besides the contractor. The contractor should carry at least the state-mandated minimum coverages for property damage and personal injury. In addition to these three coverages, many sealcoating Dallas TX contractors carry umbrella policies. Umbrella policies can cover losses that exceed the limits of other policies. Ideally, a Dallas sealcoating contractor who chooses to purchase umbrella insurance should opt for at least $1 million in coverage.

Did Your Dallas Sealcoating Company Provide You With a List of References?

Trustworthy sealcoating contractors are always happy to give potential customers information about their previous jobs. A portfolio is nice, but what you really want is a list of names and phone numbers of people you can contact.

How Does Your Sealcoating Contractor Plan to Prepare Your Pavement?

Sealcoating asphalt pavements involves much more than simply spraying on a sealant. The contractor needs to clean the pavement thoroughly as well as repair any significant pavement damage. When sealcoating parking lots, contractors should pay special attention to oil stains. Your contractor may need to apply a primer to these stains as well as certain other areas.

How Much Experience Does Your Contractor Have in Sealcoating Dallas Pavements Similar to Yours?

You want to choose a contractor with experience sealcoating pavements of roughly the same size and type as yours. For example, suppose you need a massive parking lot sealed. You might not want to hire a contractor who has never sealed anything larger than a suburban driveway. Sealcoating parking lots is much more complex than sealcoating a typical driveway.

What Type of Sealcoating Does Your Contractor Plan to Use?

Contractors can choose from various sealants for sealcoating asphalt pavements, and they can have different quality levels and prices. Some sealants are more suitable for pavements of a certain age or with a certain usage or condition. It could be a red flag if your contractor relies exclusively on one specific sealant.

Does Your Sealcoating Company Offer a Warranty?

A reputable sealcoating company stands behind its work. However, keep in mind that there are two types of warranties involved. The sealcoating manufacturer offers a warranty on its products, but the contractor offers a warranty on workmanship. If the contractor does not mix or apply the sealcoating correctly, the manufacturer may not honor its product warranty. When sealcoating contractors offer a warranty, they are basically promising that their employees will mix and apply the sealant correctly.

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