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When Is It Time to Repave Your Dallas Concrete Parking Lot?

When Is It Time to Repave Your Dallas Concrete Parking Lot? When a contractor engineers and constructs a concrete parking lot, it can last for more than 30 years. In fact, some parking lots have lasted for over 50 years before experiencing a significant failure. If you are wondering whether it is time for a new concrete pavement, the answers to the following questions may help you decide.

Can You See Exposed Rebar or Mesh in Your Concrete Parking Lot?

Not so long ago, the only options for reinforcing concrete were rebar and wire mesh. Because they were typically made with carbon steel, if they were exposed to water, they could rust. As the years passed, concrete companies had access to new products that were less likely to corrode. If you can see rust on the exposed reinforcing materials, you might want to call a Dallas concrete company for a pavement assessment. You may need to repave all or part of your parking lot.

Are the Slabs Throughout Your Concrete Parking Lot Even?

If there are uplifted or sunken slabs, these changes in elevation usually indicate an unstable subbase. Concrete contractors typically refer to this issue as faulting. Faulting commonly occurs at joints or major cracks, and it is a major problem for older concrete sidewalks in some cities. Once it begins, faulting tends to grow worse and more widespread, eventually affecting most or all of your parking lot. Correcting the issue typically requires the removal of the affected slabs, subbase replacement or repair, and repaving.

Is Your Parking Lot Now Supporting Heavier Vehicles?

Whether they are building concrete ramps, parking lots, or sidewalks, contractors use the expected load to calculate the proper concrete thickness. Therefore, a parking lot for heavy equipment or tractor-trailers will need a thicker slab than one for passenger vehicles. If your Dallas concrete company built your parking lot just for cars, you cannot expect it to bear up under much heavier vehicles. The heavier loads may cause the concrete to break and crack, or the pavement may deteriorate much faster. You will likely need to remove and replace your pavement to ensure its ability to support the current loads.

How Old Is Your Parking Lot?

If your parking lot is over 30 years old, it may show signs of its age. For example, it may have large areas of spalling, numerous cracks, or other types of significant damage. The damage may be sufficient to affect your property’s curb appeal negatively, or it may make your parking lot less safe. Furthermore, you can be certain that your pavement will continue to deteriorate rather than heal itself. Although your pavement may still have a few more years of life remaining, you might want to consider replacing it now.

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