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Dallas Asphalt Paving — What Are Binders and Topcoats?

HP Parking Lot maintenaceTo the average American, a binder is a three-ring notebook for organizing papers, homework, or photographs, and a topcoat is a garment that is a shorter version of an overcoat. To a Dallas asphalt paving contractor, however, binders and topcoats are integral parts of a pavement’s structure.

What Is a Binder to a Dallas Asphalt Paving Contractor?

When paving Dallas streets or parking lots, the contractor typically begins by clearing the site of existing pavements, vegetation, or structures. The site is leveled and graded, then an aggregate base is constructed and compacted. A layer of asphalt is placed on top of the base, and this can be called either the base coat or the binder. The binder is considered a load-bearing course, so the size of the aggregate used in the asphalt mix is usually larger than what is used in the upper layers of asphalt. The thickness of the base coat will depend on the job specifications, so pavements supporting heavy equipment or trucks usually have thicker base coats than those that support passenger vehicles only. The number of vehicles can also affect the thickness of the binder. For example, the binder does not normally need to be as thick for a residential driveway as it does for a busy retailer’s parking lot.

What Is a Topcoat to a Paving Contractor?

You might think that a topcoat is the same thing as a paving overlay, but it is not. The other names for a topcoat include surface course, finish course, and driving course, and this should give you a clue about topcoats. Basically, the topcoat is the last layer of asphalt installed when paving Dallas streets or parking lots. Since surface courses need to deliver a smooth, quiet ride, topcoats generally use smaller aggregates in the asphalt mix than are used in the other asphalt layers.

What Else Should I Know About Asphalt Paving?

The first thing you should realize is that your new pavement or paving overlay will need a little asphalt maintenance to make sure that it looks as appealing and lasts as long as it should. Here are some of the most important asphalt paving maintenance procedures you should consider.

1. Sealcoating Dallas TX pavements is an economical procedure that offers significant protection as well as cosmetic benefits. Studies have shown that parking lot sealcoat, for example, can often double the pavement’s useful life when applied regularly by a reputable professional.
2. You should prioritize all paving repairs that are needed to close a break in the pavement. Potholes and cracks let water seep through the entire structure, robbing the foundation of its strength and stability. A compromised foundation can lead to pavement subsidence, alligator cracking, and multiple potholes. Furthermore, foundation repairs can be much more expensive than routine paving repairs.
3. Clean pavements tend to require fewer and less expensive repairs. In addition to removing debris regularly, you should also clean up any automotive fluids that have been leaked on your pavement to prevent them from softening the asphalt.

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