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What Is the Process for an Asphalt Overlay?


Although asphalt pavements are known for their longevity, they do not last forever. The weather, sun, and traffic can inflict damage, and frequent repairs can become costly as well as impact the pavement’s aesthetics. It is at this point that many people begin to consider having their pavements ripped out and reconstructed, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, you may be able to renovate your pavement faster and cheaper by having a paving contractor install an asphalt overlay.

What Is an Asphalt Overlay?

 Sometimes referred to as asphalt resurfacing, an overlay is the installation of one or more layers of fresh asphalt on top of an existing pavement. Your Dallas asphalt overlay contractor will determine how thick the overlay needs to be, and then the contractor’s crew will spread and compact the appropriate number of courses to provide the specified total thickness.

Can Any Pavement Receive an Overlay?

 Dallas asphalt overlay contractors carefully evaluate each individual pavement to determine the feasibility of asphalt resurfacing. To be cost-effective, the existing pavement should have a relatively strong and stable foundation. Furthermore, if the existing pavement suffered premature deterioration, the cause should be determined and corrected to prevent the same type of damage from recurring.

Can Any Dallas Paving Company Install an Asphalt Overlay?

 The company you select is the most important factor in your satisfaction with your overlay, and not every asphalt paving Dallas contractor has the experience, equipment, and qualified employees to install an overlay. You will need to ascertain whether the contractor you select has the ability to deliver high-quality results.

How Do Dallas Paving Companies Install Overlays?

 Depending on the job, the precise steps can vary somewhat, but the basic steps taken by most commercial paving companies are as follows.

  1. Preparation: Whether you engage a roofing, painting, siding, or asphalt paving company, the best ones understand the importance of proper preparation. When asphalt paving Dallas properties, the contractor may need to obtain permits, adjust underground utilities, or determine the best way to correct the source of the damage. Your commercial paving contractor will work with you to prepare a schedule for each individual area or task, and your contractor will help you prepare written notices for you to distribute to your tenants, residents, or employees to reduce confusion.

  2. Mill: Typically, a Dallas paving company will use a milling machine to remove a precise depth of the existing pavement; in most cases, this is between two and three inches. Milling helps ensure that curb reveals, transitions, manhole covers, and other features will be at their original heights after the overlay is installed.

  3. Repair: The milling may reveal that cracks or other pavement damage goes deeper than the thickness of the asphalt that was removed. If so, it will be necessary to make repairs to prevent the damage pattern from appearing in the overlay.

  4. Install: The installation process involves the application of a predetermined number of layers, the first of which is usually a tack coat to help ensure a strong bond between the overlay and the new asphalt. Next, a sufficient number of asphalt courses will be applied and compacted until the desired overall thickness has been achieved.

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