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MesquiteNo matter where you want to go in the metroplex, the four major highways that pass through Mesquite can make your trip more convenient. Whether you need to catch a flight out of DFW International Airport or Dallas Love Field, commute to downtown Dallas, or spend a lazy day at Lake Ray Hubbard, having your choice of routes can make reaching your destination easier. Of course, you could just stay in town and visit one of the city’s 76 parks, take in the Mesquite Rodeo, or catch a show at the municipal arts facility. To help residents and visitors get around Mesquite, HI-TEK Paving Services is often asked to provide parking lot maintenance, concrete repair, asphalt paving and repair, parking lot striping, asphalt sealcoating, concrete installation, asphalt crack repair, concrete installation, and asphalt overlays.

What Is the History of Mesquite?

Asphalt Paving Company in Mesquite, TexasLong before the arrival of American settlers, the area around Mesquite was an important trading ground for indigenous tribes. Between 1680 and 1790, the Tawakonis, Ionies, and Caddos would celebrate the end of harvest by meeting in the area for a trading fair and tournament. By 1887, Mesquite had been formally incorporated after having been founded less than a decade earlier when the railroad arrived in the area. During Mesquite’s early years, Sam Bass and many other outlaws either lived or committed crimes in the sparsely populated area, which had only 135 residents in 1890.

Mesquite remained predominantly a farming community until the last half of the 1940s ushered in the suburban boom. In 1950, the population was around 1,700, but within a decade, it grew by more than 1,520% to top 27,525, then doubled by 1970. Today, population estimates for Mesquite are approximately 141,000, and the city shows no indication that growth will not continue.

What Paving Services Are Available in Mesquite?

Mesquite property owners can benefit from a variety of paving services, including all those appearing on the list below.

Asphalt Crack Repair

Cracks in asphalt pavements should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent substantial and costly damage to the pavement and its supporting base.

Parking Lot Maintenance

A well-executed maintenance program can protect your parking lot pavement, enhance your curb appeal, and improve safety.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Sealcoating is an extremely cost-effective way to simultaneously protect and beautify asphalt pavements.

Concrete Installation and Repair

Address tripping hazards, accessibility violations, and vehicle damage through professional concrete installation and repair.

Asphalt Overlays

Give your pavement a new lease on life at an economical price with an asphalt overlay.

Parking Lot Striping

Help drivers and pedestrians navigate your parking lot safely, satisfy legal requirements, and improve the appearance of your parking lot with professionally applied line striping and pavement markings.

Asphalt Paving

Choose asphalt paving for a durable, economical solution to your pavement needs.

Asphalt Repair

Mend potholes, address alligator cracking, and resolve certain drainage issues with economical asphalt repairs.

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