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How To Reduce Cost With a Fall Asphalt Maintenance Plan

How To Reduce Cost With a Fall Asphalt Maintenance Plan Consider the various maintenance procedures that you or your mechanic will perform on your personal vehicle over the years. You will change its oil, rotate its tires, ensure that it has antifreeze, check your tire pressure, and change its various filters. You will inspect its belts and hoses to replace any weak ones before they fail. Depending on your vehicle and driving habits, you may schedule numerous other procedures. You know that routine maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs, including the premature replacement of its engine, tires, or transmission. The price of an average car is far less than the cost of an average parking lot. Therefore, it makes sense to have an asphalt maintenance plan to help you avoid costly pavement repairs.

What Is an Asphalt Maintenance Plan?

Basically, an asphalt paving maintenance plan is a schedule of activities for you or your contractor to follow. Most plans cover parking lot maintenance & repair, but some only cover routine maintenance procedures. Routine maintenance procedures generally include parking lot sweeping, sealcoating, crack repairs, gutter cleaning, and parking lot striping. The category may also include sign and car stop replacement, curb painting, or pavement markings. Parking lot repairs may include repairing speed bumps, patching potholes or alligatored asphalt, or repairing components of the drainage system.

Why Is Autumn a Good Time for Parking Lot Maintenance in Dallas TX?

Unlike many of the northern parts of America, asphalt paving in Texas is seldom buried under massive amounts of snow every winter. However, ice is extremely common, especially in the Dallas area. Furthermore, each winter can bring repeated freezing and thawing cycles. If your pavement is not properly prepared before the temperatures plummet, you could be in for a shock in the spring. Every time the ice or snow melts, water has another opportunity to enter through cracks or other breaks. This water will work its way down to the foundation that supports your pavement. The water will erode the foundation and weaken it. When the trapped water freezes, the ice will further destabilize the foundation. Potholes and alligator cracking are typical results. Routine paving maintenance can help prevent damage that is likely to be quite costly to repair.

What Tasks Do Parking Lot Maintenance Companies Suggest That Property Owners Handle Themselves?

You will need to hire an asphalt company to handle virtually all repairs and many of the maintenance procedures. However, there are a few that you can do yourself as part of your maintenance plan.

1. Sweep your pavement regularly to remove fallen leaves and other debris. Accumulations of trash trap moisture underneath them. The moisture can enter the pores of your pavement, freeze, and inflict damage.
2. Inspect your pavement monthly to catch minor problems before they escalate. Look for cracks, pavement deformities, potholes, and drainage issues. If you find any issues, contact your paving maintenance contractor for guidance.
3. Handle snow and ice with the right products at the right time. For example, there are products you can apply before it snows or ices that will cause almost instantaneous melting. Other products only work if you apply them after ice forms. Before winter arrives, ask your asphalt company to recommend products of both types that will not harm your pavement.

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