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Can Asphalt Paving Be Done in the Rain?

Some asphalt contractors enjoy walking in the rain, but others prefer to shelter indoors to watch and listen to the rain fall. One thing that none of them want to do, however, is install asphalt paving in the rain. They are also not too keen on conducting a paving operation immediately after a heavy rain.

What Is the Problem With Installing Asphalt Paving in Wet Conditions?

Typically, an asphalt paving company wants to build or maintain an excellent reputation. That goal cannot be achieved by delivering subpar results. Paving Dallas Texas properties during or immediately after a rainfall is a virtual guarantee that the results will not meet the customer’s expectations in either the short or long term.

Why Are Asphalt Paving Installations Conducted While It Is Raining Often Subpar?

You have probably heard the saying about how oil and water do not mix. Asphalt contains oil, and the oil needs to be exhausted during the curing process. When subjected to a heavy rain before curing, Dallas asphalt paving will attempt to repel the rain by pumping the oil to the surface, stalling the curing process. However, in some cases, the rain will expedite the curing of the top layer of asphalt, leaving oil trapped deep beneath the surface. In addition, the rain can lower the temperature of the hot asphalt significantly, giving the contractor’s crew insufficient time to work and compact it before its temperature falls below the minimum temperature. Furthermore, large raindrops can pit or crack uncured asphalt. As a result, whether you are talking about an asphalt pavement overlay or a new construction, the pavement will almost always have its appearance and longevity negatively affected by a heavy rain that falls before the asphalt is sufficiently cured.

Why Would a Parking Lot Paving Company Hesitate to Install Asphalt After a Heavy Rain?

When installing asphalt paving Dallas contractors know that a heavy rain can leave the ground waterlogged. Asphalt must be well-compacted to produce a strong, stable, long-lasting pavement, and this can be extremely difficult or downright impossible if the soil is waterlogged. In the case of asphalt overlays, there is an additional problem if the existing pavement is still damp from the rain. When the hot asphalt encounters the moist pavement, steam can be produced that gets trapped below the pavement. The steam will quickly turn to water, which can then erode the foundation. A weakened, destabilized foundation can lead to alligator cracking, potholes, or subsidence, so you could be facing a costly repair within a matter of weeks or even days.

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