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What Are the Advantages of Concrete Curbs and Gutters?

What Are the Advantages of Concrete Curbs and Gutters? Over the centuries, concrete has been the material chosen for an extremely wide range of projects. For example, during the days of the Roman Empire, builders and artisans produced concrete benches, tables, walls, amphitheaters, aqueducts, and many other items, including roadways. Today, concrete is still a very popular material with many uses. One of these uses is the construction of concrete curbs and gutters.

What Is the Difference Between Concrete Curbs and Gutters?

Because they are commonly installed together, not everyone understands the difference between concrete curbs and concrete gutters. Gutters are the horizontal slabs that lie alongside the edges of a pavement, typically a street or parking lot. Curbs are the structures that meet the gutter, then rise a few inches above them. Gutters usually have the same characteristics and appearance, but curbs can vary in size and shape.

What Are the Advantages of Installing Concrete Curbs and Gutters?

Concrete gutters serve primarily functional purposes, but concrete curbs can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

1. Gutters collect the water that drains from the pavement, then direct it safely away. Curbs assist in the collection process, and they help prevent the water from encroaching on the area behind them. By controlling the removal of water, gutters and curbs can help prevent it from working its way underneath the edges of the pavement and inflicting damage. They also help prevent puddles of water that can be an annoyance or hazard to pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers.
2. If you have ever seen asphalt or concrete parking lots and streets without curbs, you may have noticed that they appear unfinished. The pavement just seems to come to an abrupt end. There is no clear demarcation of the boundaries, so drivers and pedestrians may not clearly understand the confines within which they should remain. Drivers could end up driving on concrete sidewalks or through landscaped areas, inflicting damage.
3. When Dallas concrete contractors install curbs and gutters, they can often eliminate the need to install drainage swales. This will reduce the space needed to widen or build a street. It can also allow property owners to better utilize the space available for parking spaces in concrete parking lots.
4. Gutters tend to collect debris from runoff or the wind, and curbs help contain it. It is easier to remove debris that is consolidated than to sweep it up from the entire expanse of the pavement.
5. Depending on their style and placement, curbs can prevent or discourage drivers from crossing them. This can help prevent damage to buildings, shrubs and trees, signs, and poles. It can also make the concrete sidewalks in the area safer for pedestrians.
6. If you ask your concrete company to apply a reflective paint to your curbs, you can increase nighttime safety. Increasing the visibility of your curbs can help pedestrians avoid tripping over them, and it can also help drivers avoid scraping or driving over them.

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