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What Are the Keys to a Successful Sealcoating Job?

What Are the Keys to a Successful Sealcoating Job? It is no secret that asphalt pavements are faster and less expensive to construct than comparable concrete pavements. It is also not a secret that asphalt pavements receiving proper care can last up to twice as long as neglected pavements. Furthermore, it is no secret that a periodic sealcoat application will provide exceptional protection against pavement damage. However, many people are stumped when they are asked what contractors must do to ensure a successful sealcoating job.

How Important Is the Contractor Hired to Handle a Sealcoating Job?

Reputable asphalt maintenance contractors typically accept full responsibility for the success or failure of any job. Texas pride aside, great Dallas sealcoating workers are not born. They are trained, typically on the job while working for an experienced contractor. Dallas asphalt sealcoating contractors know that it is their duty to make sure that every employee knows how to perform their tasks safely, efficiently, and correctly. Their tasks may include caring for the equipment and tools that they will use on the job, and contractors are responsible for ensuring that they know how to perform such tasks. In addition, sealcoating contractors are responsible for planning the job, coordinating all phases of the work, and communicating with their clients. Thus, the Dallas asphalt sealcoating contractor handling your job is the most important factor in its successful completion.

What Tasks Will a Contractor Handle When Planning a Sealcoating Job?

One of the most critical tasks a contractor must complete is a thorough assessment of the pavement and its surroundings.

1. If the asphalt pavement has never been sealed, the contractor will ensure that it is sufficiently cured. Your Dallas paving company should have told you how long to wait before sealing your new pavement. The actual waiting time depends on the time of year, the asphalt thickness, and the type of asphalt mix, but it is normally between three and eight months. Experienced contractors know how to test the curing of new asphalt.
2. Contractors assess the current condition of older pavements. They determine the type and number of repairs that must be completed prior to sealing the pavement. They look for signs of issues that need to be addressed, including oil stains that may have softened the asphalt beneath them. Parking lot maintenance companies will also determine the number of exits and entrances to decide whether it will be feasible to keep at least one section open at all times. Contractors will also look for areas that may present special challenges, including areas that are densely shaded, heavily encrusted in mud, or covered in tree sap.
3. Contractors calculate a price by starting with the total square footage to be sealed. They determine whether the pavement will need two coats or three, how much primer will need to be applied, and whether an additive will be needed.
4. Contractors monitor the weather forecasts carefully in the days leading up to a job. They need to make sure that rain is not predicted, the temperature will be within the acceptable range, and the other weather-related conditions will permit a successful outcome.

What Happens on the Day of Your Dallas Sealcoating Job?

The contractor will mobilize, which is the term used to describe moving supplies, tools, and employees from the contractor’s office to the work site. Upon arrival, crew members follow a series of steps.

1. They secure the work area by erecting barricades, tape, stanchions, barrels, or other devices to control vehicle and foot traffic.
2. They clean the pavement in the work area to remove dirt, trash, dead leaves, loose gravel, and other debris.
3. They typically repair pavement breaks. Although most Dallas sealcoating companies can repair cracks, not all parking lot maintenance companies repair potholes or alligator cracking. Your contractor should have let you know ahead of time if you needed to call a Dallas paving company for serious repairs.
4. They apply a primer to oil stains or areas of pavement in which it will be difficult or impossible for the sealant to adhere properly.
5. They may use a brush or squeegee to apply the sealant around structures or pavement edges.
6. They apply a thin coat of sealant, typically with a sprayer. With very few exceptions, a second thin coat will be applied after the first coat has dried. On some jobs, a third coat will be applied in high-traffic areas.
7. Parking lot maintenance companies typically offer striping and pavement marking as well as Dallas asphalt sealcoating. Once the final coat of sealant has dried, the contractor can paint the line striping and markings.
8. The traffic control devices will remain in place until it is time to reopen your pavement, normally 24 hours after the completion of the job. The asphalt maintenance company will remove their devices at that time.

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