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How Do I Find the Right Asphalt Paving Budget?

How Do I Find the Right Asphalt Paving Budget?Figuring out how much money to budget for some expenses can be quite challenging. To create a suitable budget, you must have a good idea of quantities, timing, and cost. These calculations are comparatively easy for products or services that you have purchased multiple times a year for many years. However, it can be difficult to budget for expenses that you do not incur on a regular basis. One example that may fit this description is your asphalt paving budget.

What Are the First Steps in Creating an Asphalt Paving Budget?

To create a suitable budget, you will need to follow a series of steps.

1. The first thing you need to do is consider exactly what type of asphalt paving work you need. Are you building a new pavement on a site that has not been previously developed? Do you need an asphalt paving company to remove and replace an existing pavement? Do you just need paving services to repair or rehabilitate your asphalt pavement?
2. What kind of loads will your pavement need to support? Will it be a trail for pedestrians and bicyclists only? Do you need a parking lot for passenger cars only, heavy trucks, or both?
3. If you have an existing pavement, collect as much information about it as you can find. When was your commercial paving installed? Which Dallas paving company installed it? How many repairs has the pavement needed during its lifetime, and how frequently were repairs needed? Which preventive maintenance procedures did the pavement receive, and what was the interval between procedures of the same type?
4. Take a close look at your existing pavement or site. If the site is undeveloped, what will the asphalt company need to clear before constructing your pavement? Is the site easily accessible, or will it be difficult for the asphalt paving company to move its heavy equipment into position? If you have an existing pavement, what is its current condition? Does it show signs of raveling, polishing, rutting, or other distress? How many potholes or sinkholes are present? Are there areas of alligatored asphalt? If so, approximately what percentage of your total pavement is affected? Is the drainage system effective? Are there depressions in the pavement that collect and retain water? Are the catch basins or drains sufficient?

What Comes Next in the Process of Creating an Asphalt Paving Budget?

The next step is to find a trustworthy Dallas paving company. You want to find a contractor who has completed many similar projects, has a good reputation, and has the staffing and equipment to handle your job. Your commercial paving contractor can help you answer the following questions to provide you with an estimate for your paving project that you can use to create your budget.

1. How many square feet will the pavement contain? The square footage will be part of the calculation to determine the quantity of asphalt paving mix required.
2. Based on expected loading, how thick will the pavement need to be? The thickness of the pavement is also part of determining the amount of asphalt that will be needed.
3. What type of asphalt paving mix do you want? There are various types available, including porous asphalt mixes, general purpose mixes, and specialized mixes.
4. Can the underlying soil be compacted sufficiently, or will it be necessary to amend it? Removing and replacing some of the soil can affect the cost of the project.
5. How deep does the pavement damage go? If you are considering rebuilding your pavement because of the damage it has suffered or its unsightly appearance, you might consider an overlay. To install asphalt overlays, contractors grind off a few inches of the pavement, then install fresh asphalt. Not all pavements are suitable for overlaying, but asphalt overlays can be very cost-effective for those that are suitable.
6. Are there any complexities involved that will require additional work to address? Complexities are issues that are not within the normal scope of a commercial paving project.

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