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Dallas Paving Contractors -Watch Out for These Red Flags!

Dallas Paving Contractors -Red Flags To Look For!There are many things that most people only do a handful of times over the entire course of their lives. For example, you may only need to replace your home’s roof two or three times during your life. Paving is another area in which you may not have a great deal of experience, and this can leave you vulnerable when selecting a contractor. Although most Dallas paving contractors are reputable professionals, the metroplex also has its share of scammers as well as inexperienced contractors. If you know the red flags to look for, you will be in a better position to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

What Are Some Red Flags I Should Know When Interviewing Dallas Paving Contractors?

If you are like most people, you have already encountered people or situations that made you uncomfortable. When you are talking to an asphalt paving company of Dallas, remember to trust your instincts. However, in addition, you should watch out for certain things that a reputable Dallas asphalt company will not do.

1. A trustworthy Dallas paving company will not ask you to pay the full amount in advance. In fact, although a paving contractor will occasionally ask for a down payment, it is rarely more than about 10% of the total cost.
2. No reputable parking lot paving company will expect you to sign a contract the minute they present you with a quote. The Dallas paving industry is highly competitive, so contractors know that you are likely soliciting quotes from several companies. Therefore, they know that you need time to compare the various quotes to select the right company for your specific project.
3. Speaking of contracts, you should consider it a red flag if the paving contractor presents you with a vague contract or one with numerous blanks. This gives the asphalt company the opportunity to charge you more for less by claiming that certain things were never included.
4. It is a red flag if a parking lot paving company cannot provide you with a list of references for you to call. Be sure to call the references to verify that the contractor actually performed work for them. If you cannot reach the references, you should probably move on in your search for a paving company.
5. Whether you are seeking bids for an asphalt overlay or a new construction, watch out for quotes that are unrealistically low. Every Dallas paving company pays roughly the same per ton for asphalt mix, so pay special attention to that line when comparing quotes.
6. Consider it a red flag if an asphalt paving company of Dallas cannot or will not provide you with proof of appropriate insurance. Skipping insurance is one way that contractors can reduce their overhead, but what they are essentially doing is shifting potential liabilities to you.

What Are Some Green Flags That Dallas Paving Contractors Typically Display?

Green flags are positive signs that indicate you are likely dealing with a trustworthy paving company. Here are some green flags that you should be able to identify.

1. Reputable Dallas paving contractors treat you with respect. They do not waste your time by failing to keep appointments or showing up late without notifying you in advance. They take whatever time you need to secure answers from them, and they provide those answers in plain language.
2. Trustworthy contractors will volunteer information. For example, they will probably attach a list of references to your estimate, or they will offer to provide you with proof of their insurance.
3. Whether you need an asphalt overlay, a simple repair, or a new pavement, your contractor should be willing and able to walk you through the entire process. In fact, many contractors welcome the opportunity to educate potential customers on their processes as well as the paving industry in general.

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