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Asphalt Sealcoating at Night – Yes or No?

Asphalt Sealcoating at Night — Yes or No?Sealcoating usually costs pennies per square foot, but despite its economical price, it is a highly effective asphalt maintenance procedure. Asphalt pavements will last longer, require fewer costly repairs, and look better if they receive routine applications of sealcoating. However, since traffic must be kept off the pavement until the asphalt sealcoating has time to dry sufficiently, some people worry that it will be too inconvenient if the work is done during normal business hours. Instead, they ask sealcoating contractors whether they can perform the application at night. Nighttime sealcoating in Dallas is one of those things that might be technically possible, but it is never advisable.

What Is the Problem With Applying Dallas Asphalt Sealcoating at Night?

Nighttime asphalt seal coating presents a number of problems and challenges that asphalt sealcoating contractors do not encounter during daylight hours.

1. Visibility: Obviously, humans do not see as well in the dark, and standard parking lot lights are notoriously poor at illuminating the entire area. Many local sealcoating companies have portable lights and generators that they can use, but even those will not replicate sunlight. There will be shadows and dark areas that increase the chances of an uneven application. The lack of visibility can also pose a safety hazard to employees that a Dallas asphalt sealcoating company is unlikely to accept.
2. Drying: Typically, sealcoating contractors apply a thin coat, let it dry, and then apply a second coat. Without the sun to help evaporate the water in the sealant, it will take longer for the sealcoating to dry. Furthermore, nights are cooler and tend to be more humid than the days in Dallas, so these factors also extend the drying time.
3. Warranty: Although the companies that manufacture sealcoating provide product warranties, they specify that an asphalt sealcoating company must follow the manufacturer’s specifications. These specifications do not allow asphalt sealcoating services to take place at night. Therefore, nighttime applications can automatically invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, local asphalt sealcoating companies may refuse to guarantee their workmanship, or they may require customers to sign a waiver accepting all responsibility for the results.

As you can see, there are multiple issues with nighttime asphalt sealcoating in Dallas TX. However, what you may not realize is that there is really no good reason to insist on having your sealcoating services performed at night.

Why Is Nighttime Sealcoating Unnecessary?

Every experienced and reputable Dallas asphalt sealcoating company is familiar with the concerns that many people have. Therefore, they have adapted their sealcoating services to address some of these concerns. Furthermore, many customers have unrealistic beliefs about the value of nighttime asphalt sealcoating in Dallas TX.

1. Some customers believe that scheduling their sealcoating services at night will allow them to have their parking lot open the first thing in the morning. However, asphalt seal coating needs several hours of sunlight to cure. Given the slower drying time of sealcoating that is applied at night, the parking lot will likely not be able to start receiving traffic before noon.
2. Some people believe that they will need to close their business to have their Dallas asphalt sealcoating applied. However, experienced local asphalt sealcoating companies know several ways to allow their customers to continue their operations during the application. For example, asphalt sealcoating contractors often divide parking lots into sections that can be worked and reopened individually. This allows the customer to have one or more sections open at all times.
3. Local sealcoating professionals are accustomed to working odd hours and on weekends and holidays. If the customer’s business is closed on certain days, contractors can schedule the application on those days. In the summer, a Dallas sealcoating company may start a job as soon as the sun rises, minimizing any inconvenience to the customer. Contractors may also schedule their applications during the slowest times that their customers experience.

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