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Can Asphalt Paving Improve Your Property Value?

Whether considered from the perspective of aesthetics, finances, or convenience, asphalt pavements can meet or exceed your paving needs. Furthermore, well-built, well-maintained pavements are an integral part of your curb appeal, and your curb appeal is part of your property value. Asphalt paving is an easy and economical way to enhance your property value by enhancing your curb appeal.

Why Should Businesses Care About Using Asphalt Paving to Enhance Their Curb Appeal?

Real estate professionals know that a home with exceptional curb appeal will sell faster and for a better price. The same is true for a commercial property. However, even if you have no plans to sell your business, you should still be concerned about your property’s curb appeal and market value.

1. Your Dallas paving contractor plays a role in how others judge you and your business. Well-kept pavements help generate an image that you are trustworthy and caring. However, dangerous or unsightly paving in Dallas TX can generate the opposite image.
2. Whether you are leasing apartments, selling products, leasing commercial units, or providing a service, you want people to accept your prices as reasonable. If you hire a reputable asphalt company to install and maintain your pavements, people are more likely to decide that your rates are justified.

How Does Asphalt Paving Boost a Property’s Market Value?

Dallas paving projects are considered improvements, and improvements raise the property value. For example, if you hire a parking lot paving contractor to construct or expand your lot, the value of your property increases. Although market value is important when selling a property, it is also important if you lease commercial or residential units. As a rule, properties with the highest market values command the highest rates.

Can an Asphalt Company Help Retain the Value of a Commercial Property?

Hiring a trustworthy asphalt paving company in Dallas Texas to construct your new pavement is just the first step. Once you have increased your property value, you will want to retain or even improve it by taking proper care of your paving in Dallas TX.

1. When an asphalt paving company in Dallas installs a new pavement or pavement overlay, the project manager or contractor should tell you when you can open your pavement to traffic. Waiting gives the asphalt more time to cure, so follow your Dallas paving company’s recommendations to avoid damaging your pavement.
2. Work with your parking lot paving contractor to create an effective maintenance schedule for your new pavement. Although asphalt maintenance plans can vary, an asphalt paving company in Dallas will usually recommend a minimum of four key services. These four services are crack repairs, asphalt sealcoating, cleaning and sweeping, and parking lot striping. Other parking lot maintenance services may include car stop and curb repairs, traffic sign maintenance, concrete repairs, and drainage evaluations.
3. When an asphalt paving company in Dallas designs a new pavement, they consider the volume and weight of traffic the pavement will need to support. Do not overload your pavement as this can lead to cracks, potholes, excessive wear, and premature deterioration.

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