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Dallas Asphalt Crack Sealing: The Why, When, And How

Asphalt Crack Sealing: The Why, When, And HowAsphalt Crack Sealing: The Why, When, And How

Cracks are inevitable with asphalt paving. As surfaces settle and shift, tiny voids will appear. While they might not seem like a huge deal initially, you should never ignore cracks. Instead, be proactive about addressing them! The best way to do that is with regular Dallas asphalt crack sealing.

What Is Dallas Crack Sealing?

Crack sealing is an important service that aims to repair the voids that develop on asphalt over time. Crack repair involves filling and sealing those gaps. The goal is to prevent non-compressible materials and water from entering the material. Contractors perform crack seal services by filling voids with durable and flexible compounds.

The composition of the crack seal material allows the pavement to move with normal expansion and contraction processes while still supporting the asphalt.

Why Do You Need Asphalt Crack Sealing?

The biggest reason to invest in asphalt crack repair is to prevent things from worsening. Neglecting cracks can lead to more extensive damage. As water penetrates your asphalt, it can sink into the underlying sub-base layers, resulting in erosion. That can lead to large potholes, alligator cracking and drainage problems.

Water that enters cracks can also undergo freeze-and-thaw cycles, pushing the pavement further apart and creating larger voids over time. Properly applied crack sealer products prevent this, saving you from costly repairs, early deterioration and premature reconstruction.

When Is the Best Time?

Contractors recommend Dallas asphalt crack sealing at least once a year. Ideally, you should hire professionals to perform crack seal services during the spring or summer seasons. The warmer months have no risk of freezing and thawing, allowing you to address cracks efficiently while ensuring that compounds can cure properly for maximum protection.

Can You DIY Asphalt Crack Repair?

Walk through any big-box store, and you’ll see plenty of DIY asphalt crack sealers. While tempting, avoid going the DIY route. Cracks are more complex than most realize, and many types of cracks can affect your paved surfaces.

Contractors know how to address cracks in a way that benefits your pavement long-term. They adapt their techniques and use different crack sealer products based on your pavement’s needs. While asphalt crack sealing looks simple, leaving the job to professionals is best.

How Do Contractors Apply Sealer?

Asphalt crack repair is a multi-step process. After an initial examination, contractors will determine the best way to proceed. Generally, repair projects start with surface prep. Preparation steps might involve cleaning to remove vegetation, debris and dust. Voids and the surrounding pavement must be clean to ensure proper bonding.

Then, contractors might route cracks to make them wider. Routing creates cleaner edges and a more defined reservoir to hold the crack seal product. It ensures that there’s enough crack sealer to accommodate anticipated thermal movement.

Most crack sealers are hot-applied. Contractors heat the sealer in a kettle before using specialty applicators to fill and seal all voids. Depending on your needs, teams may follow up with sealcoating for optimal protection.

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