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Five Tips for a Successful Dallas Asphalt Paving Project

Five Tips for a Successful Dallas Asphalt Paving ProjectAsphalt pavements are remarkably durable, budget-friendly, and soothingly attractive. Before you embark on a Dallas asphalt paving project, however, there are five steps that you should follow. You need to find the right contractor, assess your needs, decide on the best course, have a viable plan, and create a plan to maintain your new pavement.

How Do I Find the Right Dallas Asphalt Paving Contractor?

For many people, finding the right paving contractor in Dallas TX is the most challenging part of a project. Start by asking relatives, colleagues, or friends whether they have recently had work performed by a trustworthy asphalt paving contractor. After collecting the names of several asphalt paving companies, contact each to request a free quote and consultation. Pay attention to how well the different paving contractors communicate with you. Ask questions about their experience with similar projects as well as the experience of their employees. Collect references from each paving contractor in Dallas TX, then call the references provided. Make sure that any asphalt paving company you hire is properly insured.

How Do I Assess My Paving Needs?

This is where the skills of a trustworthy asphalt paving contractor can come in handy. For example, you might be resigned to a complete pavement reconstruction, but asphalt paving contractors in Dallas can often resurface an existing pavement for much less money. You might think that you need to resurface your entire pavement, but your asphalt paving company may recommend a few full-depth patches instead.

How Do I Decide on the Right Dallas Asphalt Paving Services for My Needs?

Asphalt paving companies can frequently offer multiple services that can provide you with a usable, safe pavement. Reputable paving contractors will explain the pros and cons of each method so that you can make an informed decision. It is best to avoid choosing the cheapest option without considering other factors. You want to look at durability, lifetime costs, aesthetics, and your inconvenience.

How Do Asphalt Paving Contractors Help Clients Plan Their Projects?

Paving projects require asphalt paving companies to execute a number of steps, including scheduling deliveries, reserving equipment, and transporting employees. However, some of the steps will involve you. For example, you may need to work closely with your paving contractor in Dallas TX to define an alternative parking site for your employees, select the best time for your work, or assist with informing tenants or employees about the work schedule.

After My Contractor Completes My Paving Project, How Do I Maintain It?

Whether your asphalt paving company installed an overlay, a full-depth patch, or a new pavement, there are certain steps you should follow to keep it attractive and healthy.

1. Conduct periodic inspections to identify any issues that might develop. Early identification allows you to address minor issues more economically.
2. Sealcoat your new pavement as soon as the asphalt completes its curing process. Depending on the asphalt depth and other factors, the curing process could take as little as six weeks or as much as 10 months. Sealcoating is surprisingly inexpensive, but it provides exceptional protection for asphalt pavements.
3. Reapply your sealcoating as often as your asphalt paving company recommends. The normal schedule for sealcoating asphalt parking lots is about every two years, but your schedule may vary.
4. Keep your new pavement clean. Remove trash, puddles of automotive fluids, grass clippings, and other debris.
5. Protect your pavement from abuse. Do not leave heavy loads in the same spot for more than a few days. Provide a kickstand plate to prevent punctures or tears in your new pavement. Do not allow vehicles that are heavier than what your asphalt paving company engineered your pavement to support.

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