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How To Avoid Asphalt Paving Scams

How to avoid asphalt paving scamsThe paving industry is primarily populated by honest, hard-working contractors who take pride in providing their customers with the most value for their money. However, just like every other service and construction industry, bad actors can convincingly pretend to be legitimate contractors. Although the perpetrators of asphalt paving scams usually prefer to target homeowners, some of them feel confident enough to scam business owners, professional property managers, and even small-town civic leaders. When it comes to paving scams, the key to avoiding them is to know the warning signs that you could be dealing with a scammer.

If I Fall for an Asphalt Paving Scam, What Could Happen?

If you fall victim to a scam perpetrated by an unscrupulous asphalt contractor, you will almost certainly lose money. You could pay for asphalt paving services that you never receive, especially if the contractor convinces you to pay all or part of the bill before work starts. If an asphalt paving company in Dallas tells you that they always receive payment in advance when installing asphalt overlays, for example, send the representative away. If you are offered a major discount on a complete parking lot maintenance program if you pay for the first five years in advance, end the discussion. Legitimate parking lot maintenance companies do not bill for five years of service at once. As for paying for asphalt overlays or other asphalt paving services in advance, in some situations, a contractor may ask for a reasonable deposit. However, no legitimate asphalt paving company in Dallas is likely to demand full payment in advance. Under the best scenario, your asphalt paving services will be completed, but the work will be of extremely poor quality, so you will have to hire a reputable contractor to redo it.

What Are Some Common Signs of an Asphalt Paving Scam?

You have probably heard about numerous types of online scams. You know that the IRS is not going to demand that you send them thousands of dollars in gift cards to cover your back taxes or face an immediate arrest. No foreign official needs your assistance to transfer funds to an American bank. These scams may seem obvious, but countless people still fall for them every year. Unfortunately, paving scams are not always as obvious as the examples. Here are some signs that you could be dealing with a scammer.

1. You did not call any company to provide you with an estimate on paving services, but someone claiming to represent a contractor just shows up at your property. The representative is driving a truck with out of state plates and no company markings.
2. The representative will not provide you with anything in writing. You are not offered a written estimate, contract, or guarantee.
3. If the scammer is willing to provide you with references, their contact information will not be in a written form. Instead, the scammer will tell you the names of a few companies that are allegedly former clients, but you do not recognize any of the names.
4. They claim that they can offer you a discount because they have material left over from a job they just completed earlier in the day. Even if they did have excess material, it is unlikely that it would be suitable for use. For example, asphalt cools too rapidly to be workable after it has been hauled around by a contractor in an unheated environment from one site to another.
5. The representative offers you a sizable discount for paying cash. Legitimate contractors want a paper trail; scammers do not.

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